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  1. impalla1960

    Tractor For Sale 782 cub

    I’m selling my 782 IH Cub cadet it runs and mows great it has a 44 inch deck and a 42 inch snowblower and tire chains. I have not had any issues with it I bought it from the original owner I have the manual for the tractor the deck and snowblower.The snowblower is a Qa-42A the only thing I...
  2. impalla1960

    Tractor For Sale For sale

    I have for sale a 782 cub cadet runs and mows great I bought from the original owner it also has a snowblower. I have all the manuals for the tractor the deck and snowblower it even has the original Hub caps I’m asking $1500.00 I’m located in Michigan text is best 989-413-3299
  3. impalla1960

    Rear rototiler

    I just picked up an IH rear rototiller but I don’t know how it mounts up to the tractor any help would be greatly appreciated
  4. impalla1960


    I got a good deal on a cub cadet trailer even though it’s a newer one. It is a 17 cubic ft trailer other then the paint peeling it’s in perfect shape. I picked it up for $ 30.00 dollars it’s yellow but I’m going to have it painted red to match my 782
  5. impalla1960

    What should I do

    I bought a cub 1872 it isn’t getting any spark I replaced the magneto. I by passed the safety switches it turns over but still no spark I’m really stumped what else do I check
  6. impalla1960


    I just picked up a 1872 cub cadet in great shape with a 60 inch deck the problem the guy was having was the magnets fell out out of the flywheel he glued them back in now it’s not getting spark he put a new coil on it. So I’m thinking of putting a different flywheel on it. But are the flywheels...