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    CC 149 Volt Meter

    The volt meter on my CC 149 has deflected several volts to the discharge (negative or left) side since I purchased the tractor used 20+ years ago. It hasn't made any difference in the tractor's operation. Recently the battery has been discharging during operation. Since the battery was about...
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    Cub Cadet/Yanmar Rims

    Looking to buy a set of rims (with or without tires) for 2012 Cub Cadet/Yanmar Sc2450 (backhoe). Tire sizes are 18 x 8.50 -10 (front) and 26 x 12.00 -12 (rear). The bolt hole patterns and sizes are identical on both front and rear rims with a 3 1/8" diameter hole for the hub and 7/16"+...
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    Mower Deck Issue

    I'm having trouble with the mower deck becoming detached from the quick attach when working on rough terrain where a certain amount of twisting or contact with objects (downed limbs, etc.) is experienced. It seems the deck tends to ride to one side and the spring loaded pin is removed from its...
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    No-flat Tires

    Looking for thoughts on no-flat tires for use on a Cub Cadet Yanmar Sc2450 backhoe (sub-compact). Factory rear tires are 26 x 12 - 12 NHS, Traction Master OTR tubeless.
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    Manual Chain Hoists

    Looking to pick up a manual 2 ton chain hoist. Is anyone familiar with the Harrington brand? We used the CM chain hoists when I was employed & they worked well, but their 622 models are imported now & I'm partial to made in the U.S.
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    Tie Downs: Chains vs. Nylon

    40 or so years ago, chains and binders were the preferred tools to anchor equipment and material to trailers & low-boys for transport. At some point, nylon slings with ratchets have become prominent. Both should be inspected prior to use but nylon slings would obviously wear more...
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    Looking to fabricate a leaf rake to work in an old cemetery (a volunteer project). It took about 20+ hours to do the project this year using an Agri-Fab lawn sweeper, a lawn rake and a blue tarp. There are many trees that make a heap of leaves and my thinking is to construct some type of rake...
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    Truck Mounted Hoists

    Does anyone have any thoughts / experience with truck mounted hoists? Our group is restoring tombstones and we're thinking of mounting one on a trailer to lift heavier (<1000#) stones. Thanks.
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    A couple years back we installed under-the-floor radiant heating (oil, hot water) in our one floor northeast Pennsylvania (ranch) home. Reflective insulation was installed to help reflect the heat up thru the floor. Now I learn that additional insulation should have been installed to...