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    JD 214 ?

    Our local electric shop had an '84 JD 214. One owner, complete with mower and tiller, Kohler K321, looks well maintained, no leaks, asking $1,300. I was interested, but not so sure after looking at the belt layout. With the simplicity of my Cub, I think I'll pass.
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    Hydro Leak

    I thought I had all the leaks corrected and even cleaned the shop floor. That lasted a few weeks, and today I took her out for a short run and backed her into the shop. I noticed some drips on the floor and found puddles under the hydro unit. Not quite sure what to make of this set up; seems...
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    Ammeter ?

    Yesterday's mowing went into late evening, so for the 1st time I used the head lights. I noticed with the lights on the ammeter went full scale to the C side. Is that normal? Today I checked current draws and the battery voltage. At idle and full speed with nothing on the meter hovered...
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    Leaky Dip Stick?

    While checking the oil on a 1650 with the Kohler K341, I noticed the dip stick/oil fill tube looking like a 20 year old dryer vent. It had a lot of dust and fine plant debris stuck all around the inside. This motor was recently overhauled, and all the internals including the fill tube was...
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    Wheel Lug Bolt

    What y'all tighten your 7/16 lug bolts at? 50-60 lbs?
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    1650 Pointers

    I'm racking up the hours mowing with this Cub. I'm using the 44" deck and I'm very impressed with how clean it leaves the worked areas. Very even, crisp look. Sharp blades play a role but the barber shop look is impressive over the other tractors I've used. Even calf high grass just lays...
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    Mule drive belt.

    My 1650 needs a belt for the PTO to the mower deck. I don't have the part number. The PO had a 6879 belt on but I doesn't seem right. Lots of confusing info tracking one down. The deck is a 44" with a tag number 441U1112. I have manuals for set up and operation of the tractor and the mower...
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    QA Springs

    When I set up the mower deck for a test run the other day, I found that the quick attach hitch springs went AWOL. I've practically torn the barn apart looking for them. In the meantime I am using zip ties to hold the bail up. After some time of looking and online, I am asking here if there...
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    Hy-Tran vs generic

    I'm looking for hydrostatic oil. I know little about Hy-Tran and I have found oil at Napa the label says it meets Hy-Tran/Hy-Tran Ultra and as well as Cat and other manufacturer's specs. Would it be good to go? As far as I can tell it is made for Napa by Warren Oil Co. which also supplies...
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    1650 Resurrection

    This will be a continuation of work on a K341/1650 tractor I posted about in the thread "Kohler K series shortblocks". So installation into the tractor is now finally arrived. I ran into a small hitch when I was attaching the engine to the engine mounting rails. I noticed that the rails did...
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    Kohler K series short blocks

    Where may I find information on K series short blocks? I have a K 341 that is a short block installed in 1995. I am having a difficult time sourcing piston rings. It has a Mahle piston, but the ring specs are much different from what is available from suppliers. Greg