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    Starting your cub in COLD weather.

    Unfortunately, my cub sits under cover but sees well below freezing most of our 6 month winter. It is way unhappy starting on these temps. Can't blame. I use thinner oil, the sin does catch it in the morning which helps. The bottom line is, do you have to crank and crank your 2 cylinder...
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    Radiator fitment in 782

    Excuse my ignorance. Can I assume the 782D has a front radiator? Looking at a thread of a 1512, I see a front radiator, is the 1512 and 782 physically the same? Cut to the chase: I have a Kabota 3 cylinder gas at my disposal. I'm kicking around putting that engine in to replace my K17. Big...
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    782 How is Engine grounded to Chassis?

    Still chasing down my slow crank issue seen here.. I am trouble shooting it down to be likely the Starter but before the major job of pulling it I am exhausting all options. The wiring from key to Solenoid to starter is a few...
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    Starter engages but slow to crank

    HI folks.K17 engine. Replaced the Battery a few months back. Old battery was 3 years old and finally quit late Winter. 3 years ago I deleted the key and put in a push button to energize the relay. It's been working fine. What is happening is I Push to start the engine and I hear the starter kick...
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    Starter Solenoid. Quick to fail

    When I first got the 782, there were many small things wrong. A biggy was; it was missing about 50% of the Harness. It had just enough cut and taped wires to Start the Engine. Not even the charging system was wired. The previous owner had a screw driver to jump out the Starter Solenoid. This...
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    Increase hole size on Lift Assembly Cam

    I know you folks use a different name for this lift assembly on the Hydraulic Lift . Your vernacular escapes me. CubCadet 'Parts look-up' just call it a Lift Assembly. On the Cam section of this assembly where you put the Lifting rod for the Plow I have two holes. One is about 1/2" and the...
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    Hydro Valve rebuild

    I swear I kept the Link to the guy that rebuilds the Relief Valves on the Hydro tractors. Anyone have this info?
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    Back up lights/rear floods

    Wondering what you folks have done about getting enough light behind you to plow in the night. Seems like it always snows at night and I gotta get to work early. The old Cubs have the seats high so hiding one under there is nice. For the later cubs (782) Putting lights on the rear fenders I...
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    Archive through January 03, 2014

    Hey hey.. 3:30 this morning.. got to try out the Cub. Snow started heavy last night so we got up early to get the driveway cleared and get ourselves off to Work (wife had to be in at 6:00) This was my maiden voyage pushing snow with Tug. I absolutely need to change the trani/hydraulic oil. Tug...
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    Mower Deck #357 Frame to RockShaft them Deck Question

    Just got this 782 a while back with Snow Plow and Mower Deck ( frame included). Teh assembly of teh Mower Frame to the Cub seems intuative accept that I believe one of the Blocks and Links is incorrect. One side looks like what appears on the parts listing...
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    Archive through December 11, 2013

    Just tossing it out there as a suggestion..I have seen improvement on the walk behind machines.Different makes, 3 and 4 bladed impellars. They all had about 3/8 gap between Blade and tunnel. Yesterday was a dud. The weatherman sensationilized the heck out of "The Storm" it snowed for about 1...
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    Hydra Tranis.. cold sensitive?

    Fluid is full although I do not know the age of it. New to me Cub.. no experience with Hydraulic tranis. Last week it was in the low 30's and I thought it was my imagination that I had to push the "Forward" control up a bit more before I started rolling. After a few minutes .I was sure it was...
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    K17; Double gasket the Ignition Points Cover?

    When I got the 782 from this guy, he commented on a few things. One was the Cover to the Points. He has two gaskets between the Cover and the Engine Block. he states that he heard that the cover hits and shorts out on the Cover. Any truth to this before I put it Right?
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    782 Linkage Pics

    I got this tractor and although it appears all the parts are here according to '' parts list, it can't be set up correctly. The throttle lever has little movement before the linkage goes full open to full closed. The throttle cable bends around on what I would say is too tight of...
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    782 Front electric PTO 'click'?

    Working through some wiring on the 782. With Engine Off...If I just put 12V to the single wire connector coming out of the front 'Clutch' Should I hear a noise of engagement if it is functioning correctly?
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    Snow Plow Main Frame from Sub Frame question Looking here, should the Main Frame on Page 2 be able to separate from the Subframe on page 3 buy pulling the cotter pin and sliding out that 5/8" rod? That rod is welded onto my Main Frame so whether I pull the cotter...
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    Sorry WAY new to Cub Cadets CCC Cub Cadet Classic.. is that correct? Is this the area I should be posting questions for my 782? I was going to use the IH CUB CADET FORUM area but it states it's for Pre '81 machines.