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  1. Robert Allison


    Anyone have an idea what this is? It operates on air.
  2. Robert Allison

    Wheel weights

    Made a cast so I can melt down my own wheel weights,its turning out pretty good. 40lbs a cast and I'm making 2 for each side.
  3. Robert Allison

    Right color for 127

    Is this the right color for a 127 or is it the federal yellow?
  4. Robert Allison

    Getting the 127 ready

    I tore the127 down abit to look at the usual suspects,change the oils and paint the rims. What are some things you guys use to wedge the speed control lever?
  5. Robert Allison

    LED lights

    I've been out of power for almost 3 days now. So I set my trusty CubCadet out there in the yard and when the generator runs out of gas at 2 in the morning I start her up and turn on the lights! This set of LED lights I got from CCSpecialties light the whole side of the house up!!! Highly...
  6. Robert Allison

    147 hood latches

    The hood latches on my147 won't latch down. My question is do they wear out or do I have something out of whack? I have adjusted them up and down. Does anyone have some insight before I get with Digger to get some new ones?
  7. Robert Allison

    IH chipper

    Check out this old IH chipper my neighbor just gave me...anybody got any info on it?
  8. Robert Allison

    42 in deck

    Would anyone have a good clear picture of the blade side of a42 in deck,specifically the baffles? Its off my127
  9. Robert Allison

    Manual lift handle

    Hydro I told you that this manual lift came off an original because that's what the seller told me. The more I look at pictures I think it came off a100 or122 something along those lines
  10. Robert Allison

    My 147 in Indiana

    This is my147 I've had for almost a year now. SN 205004iu396046. I got this tractor for nothing,it was in the back of my brother n laws shed. He said if I want it,come get it,and it was in bad shape! 48in mower deck is shot,and the mule gear is all bent up from coming off a trailer...the wrong...
  11. Robert Allison

    My 127 in Indiana

    I've had this tractor for I think about10 yrs now. SN 2052090U330811. Came with a 42in deck and snow blade. Only things outside of regular maintenance I've done is add a new seat and lights. Didn't fully appreciate it till I found this forum!
  12. Robert Allison

    Quick laugh

    Look at this sign someone put up
  13. Robert Allison

    147 and the mud

    So I get my neighbors mail and kinda tend to his place whenever he goes down to Tenn for abit.Yesterday as I'm going to get his mail I decided to take a short cut through his garden. When I come out of the woods into the garden on my147 I immediately sink the tractor almost to the frame,I forgot...
  14. Robert Allison

    147 48in mower deck

    Does anyone have some pictures to post of a cc 147 48in mower deck?
  15. Robert Allison

    14hs 321a is to tight

    I've recently rebuilt the 321 out of my147 and everytime I torque the rod to the crankshaft I can't turn the motor. The crank measures 1,498 and the rod has .001 to .002 clearance,is that not enough?
  16. Robert Allison

    Another new guy!

    Hello from LaPorte,IN!