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  1. sblunier

    Custom 2 Bottom Semi-Mount plow - FOR SALE

    2 Bottom Semi Mount (cat-0 3 point hitch) plow for sale. Modeled after real IH plows of the 510/700/710 series. 2ea. Sears bottoms set to cut 8" per bottom for a 16" total width of cut. Hydraulic lift steerable tail wheel (requires dual hyd. remotes). Heavy welded main frame with land side...
  2. sblunier

    More 2 bottom semi-mount plows

    Building a few more plows, 3, one for dad, one for a friend, and one that will eventually be sold. Got dads mostly done last week, parts for the other 2 are cut and drilled.
  3. sblunier

    2020 Blunier Plow Day - Roanoke, IL 61561 - October 24th -UPDATED

    PLOW DAY STILL ON - UPDATED CONTENT - CHANGES DUE TO COVID SITUATION We will be hosting Garden Tractor Plow Day at the Blunier farm in Roanoke, IL 61561 Saturday 10/24/20 9:00 AM - ??? There will be no night plowing Friday or potluck meal like in previous years. Feel free to drop your...
  4. sblunier

    1/2 scale IH 60 Conser till Chisel Plow

    Next project.....1/2 scale conser till plow to go along with the 370 disk and 520 plow. Steel order went in last weekend, should be able to pick it up this week. Tillage parts are already here. Video link to a real one....
  5. sblunier

    Archive through July 02, 2019

    2ea 782's and a 582......2007.....all factory paint... Had a Yellow one too....
  6. sblunier

    Archive through June 15, 2019

    Looks great Marty, reminds me of the one I used to have!!! Charlie, Flag is on the lighted pole at the end of the drive 24/7/'s a landmark in the neighborhood......I'm not sure some people could give directions to others without it!!!
  7. sblunier

    Cat 0 Box Blade

    Anybody have a Cat 0 box blade? What brand/width/specs/etc.? I am looking to get one and am curious what others have used or had experience with. Land Pride BB0548 is on the short list, as is the Woods GBC 48 (this one seems a...
  8. sblunier

    Archive through December 16, 2018

  9. sblunier

    1460 combine - broken drive axle

    1978 1460 decided to break the left front drive axle the other night as I was making a left turn and parking it. Went down hard and in the process spun the rear end around and snapped off the left rear spindle. Heck of a ride in the cab....... Called out the tire service to get is...
  10. sblunier

    Archive through July 25, 2018

    Ethan, Yup, I have added dual hyd on a 149. Easy with 1450 parts and a little bit of minor fab work on the 149 pedestal. As to original 149s.....they are only better with dual hyd! While you are at it, split the second circuit and add rear remotes too! Go for it!
  11. sblunier

    Blunier Plow Day - 2018 - Roanoke, IL - Oct. 19th & 20th

    Blunier Plow Day will be held in Roanoke, IL at the Blunier Farm on October 19th (Friday night plowing ~5:00-9:00) and Saturday 20th (main event) 9:00AM to ~2:00PM. All makes/brands of GT's welcome....38 acres of IL black dirt to plow! Chilli dinner Friday evening (bring dessert or side...
  12. sblunier

    Archive through March 16, 2018

    I had a K341 that was also balanced by a very reputable pulling engine still shook the fillings out of my head and broke headlight filiments and hood hinges. Pulled like a late freight, but vibrated a lot at WOT.....smoother than when I got it, but no K241 either.... No good...
  13. sblunier

    Archive through March 03, 2018

    Kraig, No, mine was a bit earlier than that..... I got chastised for supporting Rick Albert for asking a question about a 382..... late 1998 I think..... We bought the house in 98 and I bought a 129 shortly after... then found the forum.
  14. sblunier

    Archive through February 27, 2018

    Nope Charlie, you are definately not! I LOVE shopping for tires...don't know why, but I do!!!! And.....nothing looks better on a nice tractor than a new set of tires!
  15. sblunier

    Cooper's Hawk

    Noticed less activity at the bird feeders last week, figured something was up.....then saw a nice sized Cooper's Hawk in the tree Sunday afternoon. Bird feeder has become a bird feeder... I'll try to get a photo of him next chance I get.....they are really cool colored, very dark steel...
  16. sblunier

    Archive through December 18, 2017

    Door latch mods....
  17. sblunier

    Archive through November 26, 2017

    But I don't dance!!!!
  18. sblunier

    Archive through October 20, 2017

    I like the integration of the Cyclops fender pans......good use for them and nice lines..... Anybody hear what's under the hood? One of the 900 series Kubota's would be cool.....
  19. sblunier

    Peco Vac Conversion

    Decided to convert my Peco Vac to trailer mounted collection system..... Lengthened the trailer tongue on my old cart, transferred the Peco Vac motor and blower over, then worked on the chute adapter/mount for the 54" deck and finally the "silage wagon". Still waiting on new hoses and a...
  20. sblunier

    Unique Cat 0 Plow - ID????

    Can anyone ID this cat 0 12" plow?? It has what appears to be a standard Brinly 3pt adapter and rolling cutter yoke, but everything else is a little off. The rolling cutter standard is offset and flattened. The main beam is a single piece of heavy iron (opposed to the Brinly...