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    Model 100 drag link

    Are the drag links on a 100 bent from the factory or could that be a po modification
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    Original to 70

    Thanks lew. What’s the difference in s/g pulleys?
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    Original to 70

    What all has to be changed to use an engine off of an original to put on a 70?
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    Tap and die

    What size die would I need to chase the studs on a model 100 headlight panel it’s the studs where the retainers are
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    I’m located in nc near Charlotte. Pm me thru this sits
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    Looking for a k-161-181 for use in a 70 let me know what you have.
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    Danco loader

    What model danco loader fits an original?
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    Oil bath

    I’m looking for a nice oil bath air if someone has any that they want to sell contact me through pm
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    Wheel weights

    When did the cost of wheel weights go up?
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    Grote light

    Can someone help me out and tell the size and style of the screws that hold the Grote taillight lens on?
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    Tap size

    What size tap do I need to chase the threads on the rear axle lug bolt holes for a 100?
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    Looking for a set of headlights for an original let me know what you got.
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    Light tabs

    I’m looking for the tabs that holds the headlight panel on a model 70
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    Looking for red lens for a Grote taillight.
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    Original fender help

    Does anyone have the measurements of where to cut the hole in the fender pan for an original with pto?
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    70-100 lights

    Looking for a light panel for a 70-100 Grote light would be good also.
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    Original fender help

    Can you put a set of original fenders on a tractor that has a rear pto?
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    Model 70 gas tank

    Looking for model 70 gas tank mounting brackets and straps.
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    Points screws

    What size hex Allen head screws do you need to hold the points on?