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  1. PACub100

    Random 2021 summer Cub pics...

    I'll get this one started, just post pics pics pics 😁
  2. PACub100


    Picked up 3M headlight restoration kit at Advance Auto. Works pretty good, though you don't see it until you're home and reading the instructions that "5 years or older might require 2 kits". Not perfect but pretty darn good 👍👍
  3. PACub100


    Fried my new Transdenser.... put the ignition wire on the negative side of the coil. 🤬 Got in a hurry cuz it was starting to rain and the red wire "looked" like it went to the bottom terminal and after trying to start the 1450 I saw some smoke and smelled burnt electrical shtuffs... Every...
  4. PACub100

    2nd Coil

    Got a question about the coil and what possibly may be ruining them. Over the winter, I had my 1450 shut off on me at the end of my driveway while running the snowblower. It shut down like I'd turned off the key. After looking things over, I replaced the coil and it fired right up. Granted, I...
  5. PACub100


    Here are some pics of a tiller for sale near me. Guy wants $400. Comes with everything in the pics. Came off a 1250. I've been wanting to get a tiller for my 1450 but thought $400 might be a little steep. Was thinking more around $250-300. My questions are... 1) Do you guys think this is a...
  6. PACub100

    "Float mode"

    My apologies if this has been discussed at great lengths before but I am confused. I just put my snow thrower on and would like to utilize the float mode so the thrower can ride on my driveway. I've done some searching but am not quite clear what needs removed and how it works. Is it like the...
  7. PACub100


    I posted a thread a few weeks ago about changing the pulley on my mower deck to increase the speed of the blades. Now that the season is coming to an end, I'm preparing to swap the deck for the QA42 snow thrower. I don't want to be surprised when the snow falls so I'm thinking ahead and trying...
  8. PACub100


    My nephew surprised my dad last week by having his dad paint the 856 I grew up using... not too bad. It's still my favorite...
  9. PACub100

    She said something

    My German isn't very good. I don't know more than two words. But there is a mower or something for lawn care in the video I think...
  10. PACub100

    Pulley size

    On my 1450 I have a 5" main deck pulley from the PTO. I understand that there were 4-1/2" pulleys on these as well. My question is, has anyone has swapped out the larger pulley for a smaller diameter one and if it made a noticable difference? I've noticed that my deck leaves some grass uncut...
  11. PACub100

    Useful tips / vids / how-to's and whatnot

    Thought I'd start a thread about some genius solutions that will help everyone in here. I know there are multiple examples throughout many different threads, but perhaps we can gather them together in this thread for newbies and seasoned members to reference / check out with ease. Feel free to...
  12. PACub100

    HDS 3186

    My parents are in need of another mower and it just so happens that my cousin has this for sale. He showed it to me last night, it's stored in his garage along with his toys (he's a mechanic and has a few restored "green machines"). It fired right up, runs silky smooth and appears to be a...
  13. PACub100

    I'm going to get in trouble...

    Going to look at a 1650 for $250 around 2 miles from my parent's place. Owner says only problem is a "busted exhaust port". Has wheel weights and a deck from all I see in the picture. Will put up some pics after I check it out...
  14. PACub100

    What are these?

    Noticed these on a snowthrower and imagine they're to prevent rocks from being thrown through windows, eyeballs etc... is that correct? If so, are they effective? I'd have thought they'd slow and cause snow to choke at the chute...
  15. PACub100

    124 - first project

    I happened to come across this today, made an offer and the owner sold it to me. He sent more pics, I'll have to add them tomorrow, but I didn't think I did too bad for $125. (y) Planning on getting it together. Unsure whether I'll paint it or just clean it up, make sure it works good and sell...
  16. PACub100

    Just wasting time...

    Was killing time at the end of the day...came across this. 106, a QL and a Gravely walk behind - all for $400.
  17. PACub100

    Did I make a mistake?...

    I recently sold my Craftsman and replaced it with a 1450 bought from abthomas. The Craftsman mowed beautiful. Smooth, tight turning and easy to maneuver. The 1450 on the other hand, vibrates more, takes turns like you're pulling a trailer and doesn't have that "whirring" deck sound nor does it...
  18. PACub100

    Opinions please

    I really need to get a steering knob ordered for my 1450. Due to the thin wheel and the deep dish design, I want to get one that'll work well and not catch anything and everything (especially skin) as I turn. Can anyone recommend a good one for that type of steering wheel?
  19. PACub100

    My Cubs

    Just got finished mowing, dad brought my 100 over... thought "nice day for a pic"...:)
  20. PACub100

    Music to work to...

    I love jamming out while I'm working on projects... I'll start with a good tune that is upbeat and fun to play. This guy's voice is amazing and some of the older folks will appreciate the blend of older style rock with the new. 😁👍👍