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  1. rfunk

    Those pesky pto set screws

    I was lucky. First time I had to pull the PTO on my 149, the setscrews came out ok. Reading about the nightmare it can be, I used LOTS of never-seize on them when they went back in. (not so much as to leak onto the friction surfaces) I recall someone saying they always started with a fresh allen...
  2. rfunk

    106 lift arm bent?

    Are the earlier models different from the wide frames? My lift arms were different heights, because one of the spirol pins was broken internally. Didn't show, except when I lifted it while watching. CC149. Is this why the manual says not to step on the deck?
  3. rfunk

    Distraction from SUB-ZEROM temps!!!

    Only 8" of snow? I'd trade for the cold we've been having, just over the border from Walhalla. -30, -32C at night, but have only scraped the sidewalk once, swept it twice. Not even put the thrower on my 149. Only places colder are either Alaska/Yukon/NWT, or that band between the Black Hills and...
  4. rfunk

    CLEAN Jokes

    So, what are you if: (At least he's using the right tractor)
  5. rfunk

    New guy / First post

    In the faq there's a whole testing breakdown on the starter-generator. Check the details, my memory isn't perfect, but briefly shorting the F terminal on the starter-generator to ground, at full throttle, should produce more than about 16-18 volts at the A terminal. If yes, wiring issue (old...
  6. rfunk

    QA-42A - blew up the input gear today

    Made the mistake of using just gear oil. If the gearbox doesn't sit level in storage, it leaks through the bearings. (My gearbox is too short to put the seal in at the end). Probably will get a grease/oil mix when I get the thrower together. P/O made an adapter to fit the 149 wide frame, but the...
  7. rfunk

    Custom 2 Bottom Semi-Mount plow - FOR SALE

    Beautiful craftsmanship! Too far, no need.😫 Bright side of my coin, I have sandy "potato-growing" soil, so don't really NEED one. Tiller on my 149 makes the soil so fluffy that the cats sink in 4" when they walk in the garden. (SW Manitoba, Canada, away from the gumbo of the Red River)
  8. rfunk

    QA-42A - blew up the input gear today

    Looks like both ends of the center part of the driveshaft are in the same plane. That is critical. Check and ensure! Also, if possible, post some extreme close-ups of the fractured area. It would be good to see if plain old fatigue played a part. Maybe sometime in the past, it was run "out of...
  9. rfunk

    Cub cadet pto reverser

    As has been mentioned before, on other threads, directly contact our suppliers. Rarely do any of them have everything they have, listed on the website.
  10. rfunk

    Cant remove PTO clutch

    Look in the tools section of cc specialties above. He has a special tool to pull the basket pulley without damaging it. If you don't want to wait for it, you can do something similar, make a sleeve that will just fit over the shaft, drill two holes for the setscrew holes, and use a puller on it...
  11. rfunk

    Starter-Generator: Bushing vs. Bearing

    Time to redo the starter-generator on my CC149, as it no longer generates. (voltage at "A" terminal = 0V @ 3600rpm, even with "F" shorted to ground. (made no difference.) Starts reasonably, probably because I've tried to keep it on a battery maintainer when not running. I'm thinking the...
  12. rfunk

    proud new owner of a 74 129 K321

    Maybe just the tin shroud was changed? Maybe just decal? The main cooling air shroud is one piece, and as per pictures, has both stickers on it, the 12HP on the top, and the K321 with engine serial number on the side. (for sure, ONE of those has to be wrong) I am not sure what the exterior...
  13. rfunk

    Cub 169 no spark after burnt points

    OF COURSE you have to keep the points contact surfaces parallel and coaxial (whole surface touches at the same time) for best life. It's a testament to the brutal simplicity that they will work, even badly messed up. Mine were, when I got my 149. I only bend very slightly - maybe 0.005? Yeah...
  14. rfunk

    Cub 169 no spark after burnt points

    Follow Matt's static timing instructions above. Might need a small flashlight and mirror to see the timing marks. I cheated, took off the S/G mount. I also have a "buzz" continuity button on my digital multimeter. When the buzz stops, should be right on the mark, just the same as when the...
  15. rfunk

    Red Tail light covers

    Yeah, mine are kind of cracked and damaged. Bases, a bit, too. The lenses are actually slightly different from each other, too. For temporary use, got some cheap red clearance lights that I'm going to rig up with LED units. No new holes in metal, can always go back to original if funds become...
  16. rfunk

    Red Tail light covers

    I'd never heard about those amber lenses. (need to browse through ALL of Digger's catologue!) I've been looking for options, too. (Haven't all of us with those models?) Has anyone had any experience with "stained glass paint", or staining plastic lenses, with some kind of chemical stain? Maybe...
  17. rfunk

    Kohler on our 125 is stalling

    Sorta like turning the ignition switch off while driving down the road in a manual transmission, counting to 3 and turning it back on....pipes filled with fumes, sudden ignition, "BOOM!!!". Super fun when we were teens but known to test the strength of the mufflers. 🤣 BTDT!! Doesn't need to be...
  18. rfunk

    782 KT17 Noise

    Ahh. That's why I mentioned that I don't have either, so lack of knowledge of the situation. Too bad. And, of course, the finish and tolerance requirements for a tappet make DIY'ing an adjustable system impossible without the ability to create such finishes. Much cheaper to go with the factory...
  19. rfunk

    169 Hydro-Pump.

    Thought that spring retainer looked familiar. Spirolox by Might have a local supplier or online?? Many times items like this are standard units, as opposed to specially manufactured for a single application, because it ends up being MUCH less expensive for the manufacturer. [ie...
  20. rfunk

    782 KT17 Noise

    Have never had either a KT or Magnum, I've only seen that design in the manual for the smaller K-series (mine, CC149 with K321) Any chance that the tappets/lifters from a K321/etc. would interchange? I would have thought that these engines, being later-developed than the K-series would have had...