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    speed control

    Just finished reworking my 129 and mowed the first time today. Everything seams to be working OK except the speed control. I can adjust the rpm around 3000 to turn the blades and start to mow. I can adjust the forward speed to the point I want it to be. Turn loose of the handle and the speed of...
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    129 surprise

    Just finishes repairing everything that was needed done about a couple days ago. Though I was finished except attaching the mower and finish installing the decals. I fired it up and rode around the yard a couple of times and everything worked great. Put it back in the basement and went up...
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    TSC Paint

    I don't know if anyone here is still using TSC store paint. They are selling Majic brand cub cadet colors. It is 5.99 a can but is on sale now for 3.99 a can at my local TSC store. Just thought someone here would like to know.
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    I have two driveshafts from two different 682 cubs. They both have the same problem that I can't figure out how it could of happened. Both are worn on the side of the shaft that plugs into the rear bushing. Doesn't seem like anything could make them wear that way. Looking for a expert on...
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    Two more headache

    Just bought these 2 along with other parts. Will be busy repairing them for quite a while. Just looking at them I see many problems. 129 has led lights, different size front tires, no voltage regulator, and has a lot of shade tree repairs done to it. Will need lots of parts and plenty time to...
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    782 transmission

    Just about finished reworking my 782. Used parts from a 682 and a 782 to rebuilt the kohler series 2 engine. Replaced or repaired all switches wiring,lights and anything that needed repaired. I did learn there is a lot of things different between a 1980 782 and a later model 782. Almost...
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    782 engine

    Will the cylinder barrels interchange on a kt17 series1 and a kt17 series 2 engine?
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    How many more of these do I need too keep me busy?
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    spark plug timing

    Am I correct in thinking that both plugs fire at the same time?
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    782 cub repair

    Just bought a 1985 782 cub cadet. Needs lots of work and doesn't run.
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    new member

    Just joined. Just bought 782 and 682 to try to restore. 782 has a briggs 18 hp engine, 682 has series 2 kohler. Looks like lots of fun ahead.