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    Cub Super w/ 60" mower

    REDDOUG - Did you find a buyer for your 982? I'm considering advertising my 982 which is optioned exactly the same as your was/is. Just curious how much you got for it. We basically live in the same market, I'm on the east edge of Madison.
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    What'll I do now!

    MIKE - Would probably help US help YOU if you tell US what all you worked on and had apart. If you didn't mess with the reduction gears, didn't have the stamped steel cover off the reduction housing all must be well in there. IF you forgot to install one of the two roll pins into the...
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    JD 214 ?

    I'd steer WAY clear of the 200 series gear drive Deeres. Belt tightener for a clutch, and that Veriator is Deere's answer to a migrain headache The 300 series Hydro's are an O-K tractor, Not sure where Deere bought their wire harnesses back in the 1970's, '80's, and '90's, I know for a fact...
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    In the market for a good DA

    I bought a corded DeWalt about 2 years ago. I really didn't want to run my 7-1/2 hp air compressor when 3 amps will do. Variable speed 6" pad, both pressure stick adhesive and velco. I bought it to sand some rust off the steel walk-thru door on my shop, 36x80 inches. Half hour and the door was...
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    OE Tires

    The most common tires were turf tires, and every Cub Cadet I've seen was Good Year brand. There were other brands, I had a 129 with B.F. Goodrich Silvertown turf tires that were not original to the tractor, they were 23-10.50x12's, original tires were 23-8.50x12's. The BFG's were weathered...
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    Look what followed me home: a K321A replacement engine...NOS?

    Summer of '81 Dad had a really tired 10 hp in a 104 as his mowing tractor. I called someone at IH Louisville involved with Cub Cadets and got the name and phone number of Kohler's salesman that called on IH. Think he quoted around $200 for a new complete engine minus muffler, pto clutch & S-G...
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    Engine oil

    SCOTT - I called Shell's ANSWER MAN for oil questions a couple times just to ask how much ZDDP Rotella had. He said all the different viscosities had some, but depended on it's rating, but the 15W-40 I used in my 7.3L was 1400 PPM. Guy I talked to one time said the straight weights, 30W, 40W...
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    Engine oil

    I hope your putting 1-1/2 quarts of oil in your 10,12,14,& 16 hp Kohler's. See my third sentence in my above post. Shell Rotella has plenty of ZDDP. That's what I use. The valve springs in Kohler engines have very low spring pressure, not at all like a high reving V-8 with high lift long...
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    100 rear tires

    BILL - A frequent poster here years ago had a pair of those GY long bar/short bar tires on a CC 73 at Plow Day #2, a set or two of rear wheel weights and he had all the traction he could use, and THAT PD was by far the toughest plowing any of us had ever had with a Cub Cadet. Even the Big...
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    Postal delivery problems

    HARRY - I actually worked as a UPS delivery driver back in 1978, in the Illinois Quad-City area, home of places like International Harvester, two plants for them, and Some company called Deare? must have been 6-8 delivery addresses for them. Anyhow, about 1988 I moved my employer from...
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    Engine oil

    Greg has posted LOTS of good accurate information in this post. Only thing I can add is the service & maintenance manual printed by Kawasaki for the 27 hp V-twin Kawasaki engine in my Cub Cadet TANK mentions using ROTELLA 15W-40 specifically. I've called Shell's Answer Man several times and...
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    Exhaust valve condition on K-301

    NOT REALLY. What does the spark plug look like, black and sooty, or white, or tan/brown? What did you do last time you ran the engine, Did you run the engine at high rpm, under almost full load? There's lots and lots of guys that don't realize the difference between "full load" and "high...
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    122 Cub Replacement Clutch

    New clutch friction disk for sure, the one that failed might have been the factory installed disk. The three driving roll pins hammer the holes in the disk and cause the hole to elongate. Cub Cadet tried bonding friction material to a steel stamping years ago, but I think they went back to...
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    Unexpectedly my son pased away.

    Lonny - So sorry for your loss. I agree with Jim Koenig, not the proper order things should happen.
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    Cub cadet prices.

    JIM H. - I got Dad a 1/8th scale FARMALL Super M for Christmas about 2004. 2005 He took his '51 M in for it's 4th repaint, in 2006 he had his final auction, all his shop tools, over a dozen Cub Cadets, some pretty rough but some still in pretty nice and original condition, his 129 with tiller...
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    122 Cub Replacement Clutch

    BRAD - Dave has questions we need answers to. It's been my experience of running gear drive Cub Cadets that those 6 inch dry plate clutches take countless hours of slipping, and once they fully engage your rear tires will spin FOREVER with no harm to the clutch. The stock clutch parts...
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    44A Deck spindles

    HARRY - I used Slip Plate on my 38" & 44" decks a couple times. Twisted wire brushed everything under the deck to bare shiney steel and after 3-4 mowings even with multiple coats on high wear areas bare steel started showing. I've read a couple posts that say brush-on pickup bed liner coating...
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    Kohler 7 hp 161 rebuild kit

    I've used STENS parts in several engines I've rebuilt. They have fit correctly and worked great.
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    1959 Wheel Horse.

    I remember when I was WAY too young to know better I really wanted a Wheel Horse, mostly because it was RED like Dad's FARMALL tractors. It took a couple more years till Dad bought me the '63 Original, but at least I still have the '65 #70 he traded the O for. I checked Wikipedia to see how...
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    I'm thinking it's an EXCEL cab by the frt lights. IH used a similar version of that cab for their Delux cab on the 56 series for several years. The only cab we ever had was a Koehn Tractor cab, (pronounced cane) on a '57 FARMALL 450, a rectangular fiberglass tub for the top, light thin...