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  1. rfunk

    Starter-Generator: Bushing vs. Bearing

    Time to redo the starter-generator on my CC149, as it no longer generates. (voltage at "A" terminal = 0V @ 3600rpm, even with "F" shorted to ground. (made no difference.) Starts reasonably, probably because I've tried to keep it on a battery maintainer when not running. I'm thinking the...
  2. rfunk

    K321 Rebuild

    Took my engine to an old-timer machinist recommended by local garden/lawn tractor shop. Ordered piston as advised, brought to him and had him fit it to the bored and honed cylinder. He also lapped the connecting rod mating surface a couple thou', as it was out-of-round vertically, but on-spec...
  3. rfunk

    Off-topic mower blade option question

    My yard has one stretch "downhill" from a former pig barn. Really lush even when the rest of the yard is dry. Always wants to clump up, even if I mow first with the deck raised, then again with it lowered. (149 with 50" cutting width deck) I will need to replace my blades either this season or...