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  1. Jay Fetters

    Let's go fishing!!!

    There is nothing more special to my bride and I than a day on the water. Last night she said let's go fishing, so naturally, I obliged! Colt and Ruger are turning into natural fishing partners as well. If they only had thumbs, they would be holding rods as well!
  2. Jay Fetters

    Corn sheller

    My great aunt had this old IHC corn sheller and sold it to my grandpa when I was a wee little fella, back in the 80's, so he could run popcorn🍿 through it. He has since past, over 10 years ago, and my dad and uncle were going through his barn the week of the 4th and found this beauty betrayed...
  3. Jay Fetters

    My fleet of cubs

    My favorite is my 1650, she has a blower, tiller, and 44 deck. My lowboy is a 185 and is my work horse. I have a boom pole, grader blade, a couple different plow, a disc, belly mount brush hog, and the rock rake pictured. And lastly, this spring I broke down and bought myself and my grandpa new...
  4. Jay Fetters

    Got tired of wasting oil

    Now I can drain the little left over bit that usually goes in the trash, five quarts at a time! Don't look at the welds, I'm a technician by trade, not a fabricator, but this will work!