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    I need help

    Grounding tab....maybe a feeler gauge would be a good substitute
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    Postal delivery problems

    Never ever had an issue at my previous home. In fact the mail woman would drive up the driveway with a package that wouldn't fit in the box. I had a screened in porch she would drop it in. Lived in that house for 30 years. Nothing but happy with the service. This new home, many miles away...
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    Brought home a 129 today

    Very nice when things come full circle. Not Cub related but a full circle story. A few years back I went to Florida to visit my folks. Dad, my uncle and I escaped the wives to an aviation museum. Passed a section of engined on motor stands. Uncle Dick saw one off in the distance and said...
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    Hello from upstate NY

    Where, up here, are they?
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    Parts Wanted Power angle cylinder

    Just a thought, couldn't you use the Pass-thru valve off a log splitter? Haven't studied the hydraulics on the cub, but you must be able to 'T' this valve in.
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    Parts Wanted Triple Bagger Wanted

    I know John Deere has triple buggers and that Craftsman sell the identical bag kit. Maybe same is true for the Cub. Your going to want from weights... Grass in the rear makes for a light front steering
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    LED lights

    Thumbed threw ccspecialties website. I didn't see a section of MISC stuff. Did I not see something. I found the parts look-up for my machine ie frame, chassis, fender, grill. Couldn't find little aftermarket/upgraded stuff
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    International cub cadet Garden tractor snow plow

    Where I am, we get snow often. It is mostly a cold dry (light) snow. A 54 would be nice just to get the snow farther away of the tires when plow is angled. I probably wouldn't use it for full width plowing. I also added a Chain to run down the center of my front tire chains. It helps the...
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    International cub cadet Garden tractor snow plow

    That's it but it needs a bit more. They tend to easily drop off when installing on anything but hard, level ground.
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    International cub cadet Garden tractor snow plow

    I did that this Spring, I haven't tried it yet but there will surely be less of a balancing act.
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    LED lights

    I gotta look at those, do they resemble the OEM sealed beam?
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    K301 Resto

    Great job on painting the bottom of that milk crate. Just Goof'n
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    International cub cadet Garden tractor snow plow

    Hmm, step two in the brochure looks so easy. They don't show the guy, on his back, trying to keep the rear fingers over the bar while he strains to lift forward bracket into the front of the tractor. OR I'm missing the big secret
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    the Safety gas cans, pain

    <the water use only was so the company didn't get spanked for a nice work-around to the govt gas can mandate
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    the Safety gas cans, pain This company makes a wide spout too. No pushing down to open the OEM spouts.
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    Postal delivery problems

    The biggest insult is, they keep raising prices. Interesting math, hmm we are losing business to the competition, we need to make money so let's raise prices to beat up the people that are still using us. Gov't...they are too distant from reality
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    Some extra parts

    Looks like you made a vertical throwing tennis ball machine.
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    Engine oil

    No single wt DINO oil by me either, even the multi grades have gone with some synthetics (Castro GTX for one) that's why I investigated the diesel single weight, that, we have.
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    Engine oil

    With my Air Cooled engines that run a long time, I have no problem running single weight diesel oil in them. They don't have as many detergents as oil for gas engines but air cooled engines can run hot so diesel oil is happier in that environment.
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    Parts Wanted Looking for Cub Cadet 1100 carburetor

    Saw THE overhaul kit online.. $150....OUCH