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    Archive through September 13, 2018

    I think Charlie is right. In five years you will NOT recognize MTD or Cub Cadet. These old IH Cub Cadets are legendary for their durability, but Everything for them will go NLA, Things for models from '81 till about 2000 will disappear shortly there after. Everything they make will be Value...
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    Archive through October 13, 2017

    Dave - The one all by itself, second picture is an early W-9. Last picture, cab tractor is the end of that model line, a 650. Looks like a diesel. The two side-by-side are a W-9 gas on the left, another 650 diesel on the right. The three in front of the house are all 650's, diesel on the left...
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    Archive through April 25, 2015

    Tim D. - do a search for "decarbon cylinder head" and you'll find several posts in the last several years where I've described the process. It's a process a couple of us here read about in Hot Rod magazine back around 1970.
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    Archive through January 23, 2015

    Harry - Corn cobs get broken up and scattered around behind the combine. Doug - I bet Scott wound up a live extension cord. Most people who use snow blowers do that at least once.
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    Archive through December 13, 2014

    HARRY - IMO, you tighten the cross chains by tightening the side chains. So how can you have loose cross chains with tight side chains? All my tractors have 23 degree lugs on them. The cross chains are able to nest completely down between the lugs doing absolutely no good. The loose cross...
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    Archive through November 14, 2014

    Shultzie - Back around winter of 1973 I had a Meteorology course in college, Prof was the weekend weather man for a MILW. TV station. One Friday night he predicted mostly cloudy for the weekend weather. What we really got was 24 inches of lake effect snow in 24 hours. Monday's lecture for 55...
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    Archive through September 23, 2014

    NIC - I saw another discussion of magnetic heaters on another forum I frequent for comic relief. KATS is a popular brand, Zero-Start also. They make 200W & 300W magnetic heaters, they also make flexible heating pads that can be stuck on the oil pans of engines & transmissions...
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    Archive through April 07, 2014

    KRAIG - Yes, "Had", as in past tense, think Charlie said the fire was pretty hard on them. Really sad, I had the M&W brochure for the 9-spd, the 4-page version that also had the frt mounted brush mower. I really liked the idea of a 10 MPH gear in a CC.
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    Archive through February 25, 2014

    RICK - The K301 should have the deep sump pan. Flat bottom pan on the K241, K241 is 2-7/8" stroke, K301 is 3-1/4" stroke. The shallow pan will probably work O-K with the oil finger shortened. I had to do that on my first rebuild of my K241 years ago. I bet you find paint on the governor too...
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    Archive through February 22, 2014

    HARRY, here's a "copy & paste" of exactly what you said, "By the way, all the comparison stuff didn't include the 982. That's a Super Garden Tractor and it's un-fair competition!!!!" But I still think you're wrong that you can't compare the 982 to a 1650. Yes, the 782 most closely matched the...
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    Archive through January 24, 2014

    DAVE K, KRAIG - First engine SON & I hung from my cheap F&F engine stand was most of a 460 Ford. Didn't break the stand but sure was hard to rotate. Next engine was my K321 back in '03 till '05, the in '06 the K241 went in it and was finally completed last spring. It's empty now, but sure...
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    Archive through December 31, 2013

    JEFF B. - All my Cubbies Hibernate in winter. My #1 Snow mover is red, like my 982 but about 4-5 times heavier and almost twice the HP... and yes, has chains & weights. Ohhh...and it IS a GEAR DRIVE! And of course it's a FARMALL. The weather-guessers have backed off on our snow totals to...
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    Archive through November 26, 2013

    BILL "QUICK QUESTION" J. - The cold weather thickens the oil, engine cranks harder and there may not be enough "juice" in the battery to give a proper spark to start the engine. Thinner oil, like a 10W-30, or even 10W oil like the Q/L manual suggests for temps between Zero & 32 degrees. It...
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    Half Century of Prgress August 22-25 2013 show.

    It's a working tractor/combine/corn picker/plowing show all rolled into one. Many people consider it the best tractor show for ALL brands in the US. If you only go to one show a year, every other year it should be THIS show.
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    Archive through August 02, 2013

    Allen - We're not even sure what Bill J got his other soleniod off of, might be from a car, truck, or larger tractor. Depending on what style of coil Kohler chose to fit, there may have been some engines in other brands of garden tractors that started with 12V to the points/coil and ran on 6V...
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    Archive through April 12, 2013

    CHARLIE - a O/T 317 came with a series 1 KT17 from the factory. Think the later one's had series II's. The company made a factory kit to drop an Onan in them once they realized the problems with the KT17's. They would have had B43G's. The P218's & P220's weren't used till later in the O/T 318...
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    Archive through March 01, 2013

    TOM H. - I figured that volt gauge was from a truck. IH always gave the truck division all the neat stuff. With your new creation being a "1480", you could even get factory decals for it, off a 1480 combine. Only problem would be there wouldn't be a piece of sheet metal big enough to put...
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    MECUM "GONE FARMIN' Auction" April 6,2013

    For those of you who watch Mecum auto auctions they're having a collector tractor auction April 6th at the Mississippe Valley Fair Grounds on West Locust Street in Davenport, IA. Sale will include vintage & collector tractors, and collector items. Probably be a lot of green & yellow stuff but...
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    Archive through December 04, 2012

    DON - I shipped a 13 pound package last week.... not sure how many kilograms that is... think about Six kilo's. Destination was 250-275 miles away... that's 400 to 440 kilometers.... Cost was $27 US which I thought was terrible. Box was 22-3/4 inches X 18 inches X 15-1/4 inches That's...
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    Archive through October 26, 2012

    HEY... Steve Blunier is FAMOUS! Todd Markle wrote a full page article with four pictures about Steve's #520 semi-mounted plow he built.