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  1. digger

    Fallen heroes return home!

    With no one to greet them, other than friends and family.
  2. digger

    We lost a long time member

    Since we no longer have a Comin's and Goin's section any more.:cry: Timothy Deese has gone to the Cub Corral in the sky.
  3. digger

    Pretty good Cub Cadet song!

  4. digger

    Happy New Year!

    Hoping everyone has a Happy New Year! (y) (y) (y)
  5. digger

    It's that time of year

  6. digger


  7. digger

    516 has been found Again!

  8. digger

    343 HEROS!

  9. digger

    Not often I get excited about offering new stuff!

    But I'm actually thrilled to have this set now! Custom made to the EXACT specifications and colors!
  10. digger

    For all you Dad's out there!

  11. digger

    Just in case you forgot. ;-)

  12. digger

    And so it begins! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Just got word this morning that Ryder Fleet Products has ceased operations! This is some kinda serious folks, Ryder was a HUGE part of the trucking/agriculture industry. JUST SAD!
  13. digger

    From our very own Jim Chabot

  14. digger

    Least we forget!

  15. digger

    Not just another day!

  16. digger

    Ummmmm, this is good, right?

  17. digger

    One of 12 cans that just landed!

    Notice the price on the top. (y)