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  1. dray

    Postal delivery problems

    Is anyone having problems getting packages delivered from usps? I am. They started a new no backup policy in my area and are no longer deliver my packages. They are rude people who just met there match. They’ve delivered to my house for 15 years and now have stopped? Guess it’s because My house...
  2. dray

    What is this old tractor?

    I’m not sure what this is? Anyone tell me?
  3. dray

    My gang 108,128,482,1450,1720,154,rzt-s54

    Only have the 108, 154, and the rzt running at the moment. I do have another cub that I have running now but not sure it counts it’s a farmall cub.
  4. dray

    Question on the tiller data plate

    Can one of you guys good with the data tell me why one data plate on one of my tillers just the model number? I rescued it from a tree as you can still see the remains lol
  5. dray

    The 154 blues