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  1. bbranstetter

    Archive through May 13, 2016

    Looks Good Scott!
  2. bbranstetter

    Archive through December 05, 2014

    $5000 anyone? Truck only.
  3. bbranstetter

    Archive through July 31, 2014

    Are the stellite valves better than the standard valves? What are the standard valves made of? Any insight?
  4. bbranstetter

    Archive through January 30, 2014

    New roller chain did the trick and got the snow thrower going again. Also got the new set of two link chains and my horrible plastic 75lb wheel weights mounted. Ran it about 10 minutes and the coupling worked loose and threw the key out.....Dang the bad luck. Better look up that key size...
  5. bbranstetter

    Archive through January 15, 2014

    Picked up a qa42 for the wifes 782. Just picked up a new pulley yesterday, just need to get the upper arms modified and should be good to go. I'll try and get some picks out tonight if I can.
  6. bbranstetter

    Archive through September 24, 2013

    New Rod arrived yesterday. Round two.
  7. bbranstetter

    Pulling tractors

    I've always loved going to tractor pulls. Went to a few this year and wanted to share a few pictures. I think I may have found a tiny little tractor thief in the process.
  8. bbranstetter

    Archive through May 26, 2013

    Looking for a Mag 18 or a Mag 20 that is in good shape for the wifes tractor. Feel free to email or call. 269-419-9676. Thanks.
  9. bbranstetter

    Archive through September 27, 2012

    Hey what do you guys think on cleaning the rear end out for a fluid change. Should I go ahead and spray it out with a brake parts cleaner and try to get all that gunk out? I didn't want to get a new filter clogged up with that crap that sticks to the side walls. I started to wipe it out by...
  10. bbranstetter

    Archive through September 09, 2012

    Steve, Looks great! Nice job on the build. Funny you just posted I was just getting ready to quote you. Quote by Mr Plow; <font face="arial,helvetica"> "Early KT17-II motors did not have the filter blcok off plate. Later KT-17-II motors had a filter block off plate (probably added...
  11. bbranstetter

    Archive through August 20, 2012

    Ah nuts! Got to wait till Wednesday to check out the 1650. Owner is out on business till then. Are there any particular things that need to be looked at on a 1650 other than the fan blades or the muffler box issue? Oh, just thought of something.....What is the rear tire size for that tractor??
  12. bbranstetter

    Need help on selecting an SGT model.

    Ok, this is probably a simple question for most but what models of sgt's should I consider? I'm finally in a position to shop for some new iron and I wondered if anyone had some opinions. I'm mainly interested in some thing to mow and attend plow days with. Gas or diesel would be ok.
  13. bbranstetter

    Archive through January 22, 2012

    My 'Killing Cub Time' nightmare may soon be over!! After 3 years of moving all over Gods creation and bouncing from one dead end job lead to another, I finally found another 'robot welding' job a few miles from my sleepy adopted home town of Augusta. I've actually 'thought' about some of my...
  14. bbranstetter

    Archive through November 04, 2010

    Dennis- I did spend over forty dollars for a regulator, just not the right one. The used one looked like it came out of a real beat piece of junk and it worked great! I have a brand new wiring harness for my tractor so that would be a great time to think about a relocation upgrade. Good...
  15. bbranstetter

    Archive through January 24, 2010

    Did someone say coulter? Notched coulters that are sharp and scoured work well, here is a few pics of my twist on it. Seemed to work well in the garden but I still want to see it in heavy trash. I'm a little concered that it might be a little to much twist for heavy ground, if it is I can...
  16. bbranstetter

    Leaving Michigan

    Sorry, been away for awhile not much cub time lately. Got layed off from Benteler Automotive and have been working hard on some new oppertunities. Just got a phone call today that I have a job offer in Wisconson around the Kenoshia area. Probably won't live there but some where near by, I'm...
  17. bbranstetter

    Archive through February 17, 2009

    Oh sure Steve just rub it in. j/k I'm thinking that dumping the external furrow weights in favor of tire loading, maybe a better set up. Steve, is your 782 loaded on the furrow wheel? You seem to do fine only running 8.5's thats what's got me to thinking that I need to make some changes...
  18. bbranstetter

    Archive through December 20, 2008

    I think Kraig stole my pictures again. Just kidding Kraig!
  19. bbranstetter

    Archive through December 08, 2008

    Windbreakers are too cool! Especially when the parts are new out of the box.
  20. bbranstetter

    Archive through October 27, 2008

    New chimney is in. How does it look? Never put one in before. Last one is the walnut burning in the fire place. Doesn't do to bad compared to most of the junk that I've had before.