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  1. rvanmersbergen

    782D upgrades

    Hey all, just brought home a 1864. Is it possible to install the 3 point hitch, power steering or 54 inch deck on my 782D? Or am I trying to swim upstream?
  2. rvanmersbergen

    Archive through October 10, 2018

    Thanks Charlie, your box was at the end of my driveway yesterday!
  3. rvanmersbergen

    GT 3200

    looking to purchase a used 2007 gt3200 any thing to know or watch out for. (only have ih built tractors now)
  4. rvanmersbergen

    782D hitch

    Hey Guys I have a sleeve hitch on a 128, will it fit my 782D?
  5. rvanmersbergen

    Archive through May 26, 2014

    John your photo!...but may I suggest that Memorial Day is reserved for those who perished on the battlefield. Veterans Day is reserved for those that serve and have served. Both days are to be given highest honor and respect. All gave some,some gave all.
  6. rvanmersbergen


    Hey Guys, got a 782D with a leaking radiator. Any suggestions?
  7. rvanmersbergen

    154 Lo-Boy

    Anyone repower an 154 Low-Boy with either larger cid gas engine or upgrade to diesel power. I must O/H or replace this winter, that C-60 is very tired.
  8. rvanmersbergen

    You be missed, Dad

    My Dad was killed on a tractor ride from Leighton to Oskaloosa, Iowa on July 1 2011. He was struck from behind by a car. He loved tractors and got a chance to ride his "48" B John Deere right up to those pearly gates. I post this to remind all to "be careful" out there. He will be missed. I love...
  9. rvanmersbergen

    Cub Lo Boy 154

    Hey all got a 154 lo boy with Woods 59c belly mower. The belt slips and squeals on the center pulley. Rebuilt spindles and new belt adjusted belt according to manuel, tryed loose to very tight nothings seems to work what am I missing? Pulley problem? Help!