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  1. mgonitzke

    682 Loader Tractor Kohler Command Engine Swap

    I mentioned in another thread I was about to do this, and have finally almost started. Too many things going on at the same time. Anyway... I pieced together this tractor and loader about 10 years ago, moved it Kansas to use around the yard this past year, and fixed up a bunch of stuff on it...
  2. mgonitzke

    782D Driveshaft Upgrade

    I've been wanting to do this mod to my 782D for awhile. My Dad was using it to bag grass this spring, and a stick or something went through the hydro fan and took out all of the blades. This tractor had the disconnect clutch option, which uses a different fan, and the fan was nearly $100 from...
  3. mgonitzke

    Archive through July 31, 2019

    Timothy D.- They did not.
  4. mgonitzke

    1872 Refurbish/Command Swap

    I figure I'll put this all in once place, as it might be 6 months or more before I get this thing moving under its own power. I got this 1872 cheap, but only a fair price considering its condition. The good: -Sheetmetal is mostly quite nice. Just a tiny dent in the fender pan and...
  5. mgonitzke

    Archive through December 08, 2018

    Brian K.- Yes, input shaft is splined, and the reduction ratio on the output shaft is different. My plan is to swap the output shaft from this hydro unit to another ported pump I have. I think the only reason the splined input shaft was used was for the rear PTO on the supers. Since I won't...
  6. mgonitzke

    Archive through January 22, 2018

    David S.- The thicker one is correct for most of our cubs, IIRC.
  7. mgonitzke

    Archive through March 25, 2017

    Wow, it has been years since the archive bug got me... Last year I got way too good of a deal on this 5kW generator. I finally got around to making a Pincor-style mount for my 782.
  8. mgonitzke

    44C deck rebuild

    I decided to completely go through the deck for my 782 while the spindles are out. When I brought the 782 out here, I cobbled together a deck from a pile of several partial ones, and left the good ones for my Dad. This deck worked fine, but it has cracks in the usual places, and I've been...
  9. mgonitzke

    Time to make a 3-point for the 782...

    Since my 782 is the only one of my Cubs that has migrated out to Kansas with me, it needs a 3-point hitch so I can plow my garden and do a few other things. I have been putting this off for awhile, but it finally reached critical mass when I needed a way to attach my EZ-rake. The lower 3-point...
  10. mgonitzke

    Archive through August 15, 2015

    Scott N.- Is the toe-in set correctly (1/8") on all of your tractors? That will make a tremendous difference in steering effort required. When everything is adjusted correctly and lubricated, I have never noticed a difference in steering effort between any of my WF or 82 series tractors...
  11. mgonitzke

    Archive through June 02, 2015

    Mike C.- It's been awhile since I have worked on that style of spindles, but is the OD of those spacers a bearing surface that the seal rides on? If so, you need to clean up that surface or replace the spacers, as that pitted surface will tear up your new seals in a hurry. Unfortunately I...
  12. mgonitzke

    For those who met my Grandpa at the Freeport show 10 years ago

    I've been really busy lately and haven't had much time to check in here, but I need to stop by for a few and say this. Several of you (Tom Hoffman and Bryan McMeen, and a few more, I think) met my Grandpa, Edwin Gonitzke, at the Freeport, IL threshing show in 2003 or 2004 when he came down...
  13. mgonitzke

    Archive through January 26, 2013

    Art- I don't think I've seen a notch like that before, but I did buy some aftermarket valves once that looked like those.
  14. mgonitzke

    Archive through December 22, 2012

    Josh S.- It doesn't matter what kind of tires you have; if you have any ice at all, you will go nowhere without chains.
  15. mgonitzke

    Archive through August 19, 2012

    David S.- That can't be his problem, as there's no way that exhaust elbow unscrewed while it was still attached to the muffler...
  16. mgonitzke

    Archive through February 05, 2012

    Harry- If they're IH bolts I'd say they are original. I don't remember there being anything special about those bolts- they look like normal 3/8" bolts that are 2 1/4" long. As long as he has the correct length bolts in there, it should work.
  17. mgonitzke

    Archive through December 28, 2011

    Dan- You might be heading for problems, as the hoods and dashes are also different between the two tractors, so you may have an issue getting the hood to line up with the dash.
  18. mgonitzke

    Archive through November 07, 2011

    Allen- The direction of rotation is determined by the way the field coils are wound, not by the polarity of the battery.
  19. mgonitzke

    Put my 'new' Sims cab on my 1872

    A couple months back I posted about getting a 782 with a Sims cab on it turns out, the cab is actually for a super, so I put it on my 1872 today after undoing most of the mods the PO did to kludge it onto the 782 (which actually turned out to be a repainted 1712). Since I couldn't...
  20. mgonitzke

    Archive through April 27, 2011

    That's what happens when the PO tows it, I think.