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  1. dkirk

    Merry Christmas From Kirk Engines, Inc.

    My usual Christmas Card - only those on this forum understand it. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all those that frequent this great forum! Dave Kirk
  2. dkirk

    Measuring Compression On Kohler K-Series Engines

    Testing the compression on an engine is an excellent way to determine its general internal condition. If piston rings are not sealing properly and/or valves are leaking, it will not develop full power and possibly use excessive amounts of oil. The most common way to measure compression...
  3. dkirk

    I Still Like My 1250

    At 45 years old, she still runs like a new one. So the question is, did International Harvester over-engineer their products? I say they properly engineered their products. These are real tractors, not riding lawn mowers that look like tractors. All components are heavy gauge steel or cast...
  4. dkirk

    Engine Rebuild

    I realize this is probably off-topic, but I post this for the "engine guys" on this forum. I recently rebuilt a totally worn-out Cushman scooter engine for a friend and posted the ordeal on SmokStak. Here is the link...
  5. dkirk

    Engine Overhaul

    To all the engine guys (and gals) on this site, I'm doing an overhaul on a Cushman scooter engine. It really is off-topic for this forum, but the similarity to our Kohler K-series engines makes it somewhat applicable. So rather than take up space here, I'm posting all progress to the Smokstak...
  6. dkirk

    Trial Run

    . Just testing.
  7. dkirk

    Archive through January 29, 2015

    Rodney, It is safe to switch to a full synthetic at any time. Only during break-in and for approximately the first 50 hours on a new or rebuilt engine, should regular mineral oil be used.
  8. dkirk

    Archive through August 27, 2014

    Dennis, Thanks for mentioning that exhaust valve - that sent me on a hunt to find those pictures, which I finally did. This has to be the most interesting engine failure I've ever seen...not really a failure though, as the engine was still able to run when my friend discovered this exhaust...
  9. dkirk

    Archive through January 09, 2014

    Just a comment on ZDDP additive for Kohler engines...these L-head engines employ a simple, low-mass valve train with relatively light spring pressures. Engine speeds are modest at 3600 rpm. Splash lubrication supplies ample lubricant to the cam and lifter contact surfaces. Spalling of the cam...
  10. dkirk

    Archive through December 23, 2007

  11. dkirk

    Archive through October 10, 2007

    Richard T., An exquisite restoration on your Cub! A beautiful tractor indeed! And I like that cool ignition system too.
  12. dkirk

    Archive through March 29, 2007

    Ryan, Any IH dealer selling Hytran at $9.00 a gallon is a good deal. I bought 1 gallon of Hytran Ultra today and paid $12.73.
  13. dkirk

    Archive through May 11, 2006

    Craig, On the crankcase pressure, check the breather to be sure the reed valve is assembled properly and is seating against the ported plate. Be sure the valve lash is set properly, .008 for intake, .018 on exhaust. I wouldn't think valve sticking would be the culprit on a newly-rebuilt...
  14. dkirk

    Archive through March 14, 2006

    When I do a rebuild for general yard/garden tractors, I recommend that the balance gears are replaced. For a hot rodded engine that may turn up to 4000 rpm or higher, I leave them out and rebalance the crankshaft to a reciprocating balance factor that the gears contributed. This offers...
  15. dkirk

    Archive through September 02, 2005

    Norm B, It is possible for a rod cap to be assembled incorrectly at the factory prior to facing and boring operations. This would result in what you are observing-swapped alignment marks. I would trust your felt tip marker versus the cast-in marks. The rod is perfectly serviceable and...
  16. dkirk

    Archive through December 27, 2004

    Got trigger-happy with my post. Wife made me cook tonight so I'm a little grumpy. (Message edited by dkirk on December 27, 2004)
  17. dkirk

    Archive through August 12, 2004

    These are the last two pictures I took at the Eden tractor pull. Son Doug took some of me on the pull but haven't gotten them yet. Will post these too when received and reviewed for embarrasment factor.