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    Archive through December 23, 2017

    Charlie, you're not alone but I have to finish putting balls on the holiday(christmas) tree. Ho Ho Ho, bah hum bug !!!!
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    Archive through July 10, 2017

    Hey guys, RE: Michael C with his s/g spinning. Wasnt this seen a couple times in past years and ended up being welded points in the regulator...???
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    Summer entertainment (for guys)

    Back again this summer is a favorite of people that like to watch stuff get destroyed! Battle Bots is back. Starts this Wednesday July 12 at 10pm on Science Channel. I guess check your local listing for proper times. Note: this is NOT syfy channel.
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    Gold Rush Alaska

    I cant find the original thread from a few years back...But, for the people who watched and kind of admired Parker Schnabels grand dad John... on the show tonight they said he died today at the age of 96. On the last show he was so proud his grandson who got over 3300 oz. of gold this season...
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    Industrial lasers

    This looks like a neat tool to have. I suspect its only for industrial uses.
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    Archive through July 29, 2015

    Hey people, it's 98* in my back it ok if I stay the A/C house for a while ??? My Cub looks ok from a distance.
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    Archive through April 07, 2015

    Jack, you got bit by the Archive Bug. Please repost your picture...
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    Archive through March 26, 2015

    Just to a little further with what Mike posted.
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    Archive through February 15, 2015

    Charlie, I saw that chain saw too and wondered what it was connected to. Something under the S/G some how. Seems that company is long gone, saw a minor reference to it dating 1959. Its almost as neat as the cone log splitter that fits a Cub wheel !
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    Archive through February 05, 2015

    Jack, if all else fails, CCS has springs at $13 each. Sez you need 2 to repair unit.
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    CATS Stray, Feral, Housebound, Declawed, and Otherwise

    Everybody knows a cat will find a place to nap, but not always where the owners approve. Below are two photos of one of our outdoor cats (George)who think my wifes planters are a great place to get comfy.
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    Archive through July 08, 2014

    I put my gas cap in my rear pocket, then look on the ground for 5 min till I remember where I really put it !
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    Archive through July 02, 2014

    For all my gearhead friends. This is the way a real man starts a fire!
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    Archive through June 29, 2014

    OK, so here's the rest of the story...!5UxJX You may have to add the !5UxJX to make it work
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    VietNam Veterans, info about The Wall

    If you are a vet or know any, they may be interested about the listed site. Allen Vietnam Wall - THIS IS AMAZING! This is really sobering. Click on the link and find the city where you went to high school and look at the names. Click on the name and it will give details of the...
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    Missing Malaysian Airliner

    There are many theories about how/what/why the aircraft disappeared. Authorities may be with holding info because of different search missions. Someone sent this article to me, and it makes more sense than anything else. Judge for yourself...
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    It's only money...isn't it ? ?

    Just saw this and wanted to cry, vomit, or find a 6-pack ! It says 1,645 people own 5.4 TRILLION dollars. Geese Lousise where's my share...
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    Archive through February 02, 2014

    Looks like the Cub cadets from Seattle just mopped the floor with the units from Denver !
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    Socks for your tires ?

    Maybe because of limited snow falls here in N.J., this item has not caught our attention yet. A recent newspaper article about winter driving mentioned 'tire socks'. Anyone west of here familiar with these? Don't think they work too well with Cubs...
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    Home built 12 cyl engine

    This man has infinate patience..... Subject: WOW Time to watch this . it's really interesting got 1200 hrs to spare? A guy built this 12 cylinder diesel engine that runs and fits in the palm of a hand. Don't know if he was an engineer or machinist or just a very...