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  1. J

    cadet 85 engine rebuild

    I am looking for this manual - cut this out of the 85 service manual that is on this site in the manual section. Anyone have the GSS-1441 manual? Thanks! Love this forum.
  2. J

    Cadet 85 repair manual and parts manual wanted

    I have been able to download a manual for the 60 and the 55, 75 and 95 rear engine riders, but I have not been able to find a service or parts manual for the 85. I have a 85 special with bagger that I am getting ready for spring. Thanks in advance, JW
  3. J

    Snow plow model 60

    I have a IH 60 plow that someone welded on to use on who knows what. Pictures attached. Does anyone out there have the "C" shaped mounting brackets on the enclosed IH instructions that could measure them for me so that I could fabricate them? Probably need measurements on the other brackets as...
  4. J

    Part number search cadet 60

    I bought a box of nos cadet 60 parts and dont know what part #488809 R1 is or what it fits. Doesn't seem to be a good # on limited searches. Can anyone help? Thanks John
  5. J

    Box blade

    Recently purchased a box blade for my 122. Mfg unknown but works great. Took advantage of mild weather to try it out yesterday!
  6. J

    Cadet 85 RER

    I am trying to rebuild a 3 speed transmission for my old 85. I have two transmissions and the manual and was able to combine parts to make one except for Part 21 - pinion gear - manual says replace both bevel gears with set 56-671-C1. Both transmissions that I had - the pinion was bad - rust...
  7. J

    cadet rear engine rider

    I am looking for a model 75 or 85 rear engine cadet for a project. Any leads would be appreciated. I am located in Missouri. Contact me at: Thanks!
  8. J

    New from SW Missouri

    I am new to this hobby and have come to love the IH cub cadets for their engineering and design. I found a clean 122 and have installed a hitch and rake for landscaping and removing rocks in the hilly Ozarks. Rebuilt the carb, installed new points and a good cleaning, it is good to go. I am...