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  1. john.knutson

    wanted: old chainsaws and/or old axe heads

    Like the title says, I’m looking for old chainsaws or axe heads. Especially homelite or mcculloch saws. Just looking for some stuff to tinker with and to deal with some firewood. Located in MN, northwest suburbs of the twin cities.
  2. john.knutson

    Lawns 2020

    I was tempted to post in the Gardens thread but figured I'd make a new thread in case others had anything to share. I moved into my current house April of 2020. The lawn was/is in decent shape but there are a lot of spots that could use some help, and plenty of various weeds. My tentative plan...
  3. john.knutson

    147 Project

    I picked up a Cub Cadet 147 project yesterday! It is not running as-is, it has a non-standard ignition switch and no key, but it turns over with compression (previous owner checked this for me). The electric lift looks to be in good shape, not seized or anything, but I've not had a chance to...
  4. john.knutson

    Zero Turn Trash Picker-Upper

    I noticed the lawn service company that does a Sinclair gas station near me has 5 gallon buckets with reacher/grabber tools for picking up debris while mowing. I thought it was a pretty neat idea, and Costco happened to have a 2 pack of grabbers for $12 so I picked some up. I used a smaller...
  5. john.knutson

    Jari Chief Sickle Bar Mower

    I just got this yesterday, it belonged to my mother-in-law's grandfather at one time, then was passed along to her brother, who was going to sell it in a garage sale. I got it at a heavily discounted family price ($75). I drained and replaced the gas, it fired up without too much fuss. It does...
  6. john.knutson

    Sleeve Hitch Implements

    Just got a sleeve hitch on my 107, looking for a couple of implements: Moldboard Plow Field Cultivator OR Disc Harrow Scraper Blade Located in the northwest suburbs of Minneapolis, MN
  7. john.knutson

    Sub-Compact Tractor with Loader

    I "need" a tractor with a loader. I have 2.3 acres of property and maybe 25% of it could use various amounts of leveling, plus a bunch of brush to deal with. I love my cub, and a Danco or LoBoy/18x with loader would be awesome, but realistically I think my money will be wiser spent on a more...
  8. john.knutson

    Cast End Mower Deck

    Picked up a new (to me) mower deck last week. I have a non-cast deck as well but it's not in the best shape, and I have 2 acres to mow so I figured if nothing else it would be good to have a backup. I'm not certain of the size, it was sold as a "46 inch" deck which I do not believe exists, and...
  9. john.knutson

    QA-42 Snow Thrower

    Picked up a QA-42 Snow Thrower yesterday. I also picked up a cast end deck from the same guy last week, still need to get some pics of that but it does cut pretty great. I did get the chain guard, there is a stuck bolt that I need to extract and replace. I also got a spare chain tensioner (not...
  10. john.knutson

    Narrow Frame mower deck

    Looking for a Narrow Frame mower deck for my 107. The 42" deck I have is in pretty rough shape, and I may not have time to get it up and running before the grass needs cutting. I have a 50" "Cyclone Cut" deck for a newer Cub that I would be willing to work into a trade. I can get some pics of...
  11. john.knutson

    International "Cub Cadet" at the local pull

    I came across these pictures that I had taken at my local (Corcoran, MN) tractor pull in August 2018. Of course it is not actually a Cub Cadet, but the paint job is pretty awesome. I don't know my International tractors, but I'm betting somebody here will recognize what it actually is. I had...
  12. john.knutson

    Viking 33 Roller Blade

    Picked up another accessory to help out with my new (to me) 2 acre lot. Had to hit the seeder with some Kroil to free up the part that controls how much is dropped, and the mounting/tow/lift brackets look somewhat custom and will need some reworking, other than that seems to be in "decent"...
  13. john.knutson

    Peco lawn vac

    Picked up a Peco lawn vac yesterday, some parts missing but funny enough I happen to have one of the bits from another Craigslist transaction. I am having no luck at all finding information on this, other than some old posts here and on other forums. I would love to get an owners/parts manual...
  14. john.knutson

    Cub Cadet with hydraulic lift

    Howdy. I've pretty much decided that I need an IH Cub with hydro lift. My brief research shows that you can get the ported charge pump on the Wide Frame 149/169, and then on Quietline 1450/1650 (and maybe some 1250s?). EDIT: looks like some of the *82 series may have hydraulics, but I didn't...
  15. john.knutson

    Ignition System Updates

    I replaced some components of my ignition system recently, thought I would share some pictures I took. It definitely starts easier, and I think it sounds better while running as well. Parts were from Kirk Engines. I made myself a bracket to hold the coil because I was struggling to get...
  16. john.knutson

    New Year's Resolution (s)

    I don't normally do anything for a resolution but I came up with something I think I should try this year (and going forward): keep my tools off the ground. I have a bad habit of setting stuff on the ground which means it gets dirty and often stepped on. Anybody else have holiday/new year goals...
  17. john.knutson

    IH Trailer identification

    Stumbled across what is reported to be an IH trailer on Craigslist, but I don't see any manuals that seem to match it on, and a google search brought be back to an archived post from here about a IH #3 cart. That trailer looks similar, except that the front of the bed of the CL...
  18. john.knutson

    "Beginner" Machinist Tool Set

    Howdy, I have really enjoyed the basic metal fabrication I have done so far; cutting, bending, welding, tap & die sort of stuff. I would like to get a little deeper into machining, and happened to win a drawing at work recently so I have a little money to throw at the idea. I am thinking the...
  19. john.knutson

    Steering Wheel Removal

    I am really struggling with removal of my 107's steering wheel. I have tried both methods in Cub Cadet FAQ without any sign of progress. I am using PB Blaster, thinking I will try Kano Kroil next (not trying to start a war!). Any tips folks have to offer? I have been hitting it with the...
  20. john.knutson

    Quick Attachment for Rear Mounted Leaf Blower

    Picked this and a couple misc parts up off Craigslist today. I can't find anything online or on about this specific attachment, is anyone here familiar with this? The Gentleman I bought it from said he had a 106, and I plan to use it as a base for a rear mounted 5 gallon bucket...