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    running great, steering not so great

    I'm pleased with the way my new 100 starts and runs, but there is too much play in the steering box. I will be rebuilding it next. That's alright since I have my eye on five more Cub Cadets I will be buying in the next two or three weeks, I'll probably be doing it again eventually.:bluethumbsup:
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    my button's missing

    I knew the PTO belt was missing from my "new" CC 100 but it appears the button is missing from the PTO clutch too. I haven't removed the grill yet for a better look. What's the chance that I can replace the button, (and belt) and get it mowing? Does the button missing mean there must be other...
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    mowing deck interchange

    My newfound collection of Cub Cadets include a 102, 104, and a 122 that do not have decks. If I have one deck will it fit all three? Or which decks will work with which tractors? 102 & 104 interchange surely? I know where some decks are, I just need to know what to look for. I don't need decks...
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    replacement seats for 108s & 128s

    Are there any "acceptable" replacement seats, close to original in appearance available from Tractor Supply, Rural King, or other sources? My "new" 108 and 128 are both missing their seats.
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    starter-generator rebuild

    How many have rebuilt, or had their s/g rebuilt and used sealed bearings in the ones that maybe didn't have sealed bearings originally? I had them put in the 149 I sold and since I'm planning to buy 6 more Cub Cadets I've found I'll probably be rebuilding more starter-generators.
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    now old guy from western NC

    I've been lurking and just signed up. I have a 149 that I bought about a year ago and have never "really" got it running. I'm not much into hydros so it is sold awaiting the new owner to pick it up. I have bought a 100 that runs. And I have found 5 more, a 102, 104, 108, 122, and a 128. I plan...