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  1. john.knutson

    Zero Turn Trash Picker-Upper

    On my Hustler, pushing the control bars out is the [only] way to set the parking brake, I believe. It is slightly annoying when it's stored in my shed and I want some extra space on the side to lean stuff against the wall. This is really not a big deal, but if I had to pick something to...
  2. john.knutson

    wanted: old chainsaws and/or old axe heads

    Like the title says, I’m looking for old chainsaws or axe heads. Especially homelite or mcculloch saws. Just looking for some stuff to tinker with and to deal with some firewood. Located in MN, northwest suburbs of the twin cities.
  3. john.knutson

    Geezers! Garage!

  4. john.knutson

    Narrow Frame mower deck

    I might just take you up on that! I did track down a cast end deck that cuts well, but I need to make up something for my Peco Lawn Vac, the stamped end deck didn't quite "cut" it this year.
  5. john.knutson

    Work begins on 104

    Mine has not yet met the 3lb sledge, that might be my next option when I get the urge to try and rip it off.
  6. john.knutson

    Cub Cadet Model 128

    My first thought was that it was some sort of "kill switch" to prevent unauthorized folks from driving the tractor. I might be (probably am) putting too much faith in people having good reasons for doing things though :LOL:
  7. john.knutson

    Work begins on 104

    I can relate, I still have not gotten the steering wheel off my 107. I've tried the knees, built a puller plate like you did, used an air chisel & hammer against the backed off nut. Nothing has gotten it to budge even a little bit. I have come up with a theory that a previous owner used JB weld...
  8. john.knutson

    Peco lawn vac

    I do appreciate the advice, and I was definitely apprehensive and very cautious while using the vac. Ultimately I took the risk and am fortunate that nothing went wrong. I will most likely order a new impeller for next year, as well as some longer lengths of hose to allow this to be used on a...
  9. john.knutson

    Peco lawn vac

    I got to put the Peco Vac to work this fall! I did not get a new impeller, after inspecting mine it seems to have solid welds (though they are a bit ugly), and it seems pretty well balanced. I cautiously let it run for a while and fed some chunks of sloppy wet leaves through and it held solid...
  10. john.knutson

    My first Cub Cadet is home!

    You can get an AGM battery in the U1 group size from most any batteries plus. They're generally deep cycle style for mobility scooters, or at least they used to be when I worked at batteries plus years ago. That said, I bet it would have decent cranking power.
  11. john.knutson

    My first Cub Cadet is home!

    I did some searching but was not able to find the picture I was thinking of. It's possible it wasn't even a Cub Cadet... Anyway, I did find this short video showing a setup with front blade and read scraper
  12. john.knutson

    My first Cub Cadet is home!

    I've seen photos, perhaps even on this site, of folks with front and rear implements. I believe it was a push blade on the rear and snow blade or snow thrower on the front. I thought about it on my 107 but it's only a manual lift, so it probably won't happen
  13. john.knutson

    pins & needles

    I'd be curious to the answer of this as well.
  14. john.knutson

    My first Cub Cadet is home!

    I'll never get tired of this photo :LOL:
  15. john.knutson

    How Cold Is IT?

    Hasn't gotten too terribly cold here in the Northwest Suburbs of Minneapolis, MN but we did get a good amount of snow yesterday. I measured about 4.5" on my driveway. I put my 107 to work with the 42" blade. I still need to make a decision on what to do for a lift on my 147, then that will get...
  16. john.knutson

    Lawns 2020

    Last week or so has been mostly leaf collection. I haven't yet gotten my Peco vac in working order, but I am certainly more motivated now. I sweep into piles, then suck them up with my Stihl leaf vac and dump them in the trailer. It's a bit of extra work running them thru the shredder vac but...
  17. john.knutson

    147 Project

    Yup I do plan to replace it, especially before doing any sort of snow duty (which will also require the lift to be working).
  18. john.knutson

    147 Project

    I've been putting the 147 to some work around the yard. Without a lift about all it can do is tow, but that's fine because it's that time of the year for me between the dethatcher, seed/fert spreader, aerator, and trailer all hook up to the drawbar. That was until Sunday, when it started having...
  19. john.knutson

    International Cub Cadet 109 Hydro

    I was also looking for the pin that hooks into the tow hitch to hold the platform snug to the tractor, as the one I got with the tractor was way too long. They said they no longer make it, but they were nice enough to provide me with the original part drawing. I just noticed, that document is...
  20. john.knutson

    International Cub Cadet 109 Hydro

    Nice find on the Peco Vac, I have one myself that I keep meaning to put some work into. I actually emailed the company looking for some replacement parts, I'll share my learnings: