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  1. btaner

    149 dying out

    After sitting in my shed for a short time, mice build a nest under the tins, runs real hot and soon runs bad.
  2. btaner

    ISO gear for electric lift

    Here are pics of actuator, i got this from ebay for sixty dollars . The bad cub motor is on it now. I could have made it work but the motor swap was easier..i dont know if the internals are compatible with cub.
  3. btaner

    ISO gear for electric lift

    The motor on a used one i bought for my 127 quit working, i found a complete linear actuator that looked like our electric lifts but the ends were different. The motor worked perfectly.
  4. btaner

    QA-42 Snow Thrower

    Great advice on the u joint alignment. I wrestle that thrower every year and at some point the splines separate and i just put it back together willy nilly like. And quick attach my you know what. I really struggle with that heavy thrower. Brad
  5. btaner

    Favorite model?

    My 127, i donthave a need for a new model. First pic is when i brought it home in 2006 , i had broken my leg and convinced wife i needed it to cut the lawn.its not so pretty now, but still does what i need.Brad
  6. btaner

    1250 Stalls when hot. Cools down and then starts like a champ

    If none of the above doesn't solve your problem, check under the tins for a mouse nest. I had the same problem, i pulled a whole coffee can full of debris from the shroud. Brad
  7. btaner

    Winter, 2019-2020

    Not much snow in NE ohio this season, but did get the thrower out to move about 4 inches. anyway this machine came with a weight box . Can't tell if it's homemade or a factory peice. Those are solid blocks of tool steel in the box and some other stuff under the seat.
  8. btaner

    Winter, 2019-2020

    Here is my set up ,127 with qa42 thrower, i modified the chute rotator ,it rotates using an automobile power window motor. Pic of weight box coming soon.
  9. btaner

    Howdy from Iowa

    Hi Wally, welcome,please post some pictures of that 1450.
  10. btaner


    I for one would post pics of my stuff. Good idea.
  11. btaner

    Leaf collecting

    Denny, thats pure genius right there, my first plan was to mount blower on trailer tongue, two things,the tongue was too flimsy and second i didnt have enough hose to make left hand turns .the leaves in the cart you see were wet and that was a very packed and heavy load!! Do you still use your...
  12. btaner

    Leaf collecting

    Thankyou, one more in the mockup stage
  13. btaner

    Leaf collecting

    Sorry for the extra pics, don't know how to edit these away.(update) i found the edit on the pc, mobile device is suspect.
  14. btaner

    Leaf collecting

    Hi all, i haven't posted but a couple of times since I've gotten my 127 in 2006. I've always wanted a leaf vac for fall cleanup,but the price for them is quite high. So i decided to try and gather the parts to assemble my own. I already have a trailer, and i found a blower and motor on...
  15. btaner

    Archive through December 13, 2006

    I guess i have way to much free time on my hands.and no spares.
  16. btaner

    Archive through December 13, 2006

    Hi all, MY fix for the sloppy steering on my 127 was as follows;I welded the 3/4 bore in the cap,remachined the bore to fit the spindle,a light press fit, assembeld them together,then drilled and reamed for 3/8 shoulder bolt. so far so good,but with time it will be sloppy again. Not much land...
  17. btaner

    Archive through December 02, 2006

    Mitch, I paid 600.00 for my 127 spring 06 it came with a 42in. deck and blower which needed completly rebuilt,auger bearings,chain,spockets,etc. Mine looks great,po gave it a cosmetic restoration,I did a lot of repairs to make a very nice tractor. On mowing speed,I dont try to mow quickly cause...
  18. btaner

    Archive through September 02, 2006

    james c my 127 woundnt run right when hot,i mean it got real hot.One day just looking at the motor i saw an acorn in the cooling fins by the shroud.A mouse made its home in there. Took what i could apart and useing a coathanger and compressed air took out a coffee can full of junk.It dosent get...
  19. btaner

    Archive through May 22, 2006

    Hi all, Im new to the forum and a new cub owner. Great site, good info i can use.Just picked up a 127 from the original owner,with receits of repairs and manuals. It has a mower deck and snow thrower.Its been repainted and new decals.Since the photo Ive replaced the old tire,installed and...