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    Fuse caps

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    Pictures of 1450 Hydro members

    I need to see where I’m going! Finished 1450 pic’s
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    1450 mower deck

    This Deck is in nice shape. But has been hit a lot . Thinking of welding a rolled steel bar. On the bottom edge above the lip. Then the small angle iron below lip. Kinda like the new commercial mowers have. Then of course mud deck to smooth out the waves. Prime & paint
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    Tubeless tires

    OK Stupid question. My new front tires for my 1450. They say “Tubeless” Does that mean I can mount on my rims without tubes?
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    Front wheel weights 8” for Cub Cadet 1450

    And mounting hardware.
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    782 conversion

    I have a John Deere 455 “ sorry to swear” on forum. That I want to install a 782D hood and side panels grill . Got the hood need side panels and front grill. If somebody has to sell. Thinking it would look real cool. If I could pull it off. I would paint all green Red of course
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    1450 resto

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    New Member

    Hello. New guy very excited. Just acquired a very nice Cub Cadet 1450. Can’t wait to start Resto. Need help. Looking forward to task.