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    Mystery bracket?

    The narrow frame mount is a two piece mount or mine was. I still have the mounting brackets if anyone needs them.
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    Mystery bracket?

    I think that is part of a leaf vacuum.
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    Forward/reverse shaft 149

    Thanks Mark. Yes and send me your address.
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    Tire chains on AG tires

    Tire chains work better with turf tires
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    Thoughts on 122 Cub Cadet

    I have one with hydraulics, creeper, lights and tiller on it. It and the 100 are excellent tiller tractors.
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    Forward/reverse shaft 149

    Also looking for 22 -26 If you find extra's let me know TIA
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    Rebuildable engine for 147 K321

    Where in Tennessee do you live ? I may have what you need. I am 125 miles East of Nashville. nine three one three nine seven forty eight hundred.
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    Portable generator input.

    Probably around 8000 starting watts is a good generator. Also electric start is a good thing. If your compressor is 240 volts would be a plus.
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    127 hydro issue

    Sounds like a coil .pin sheared in rear end of driveshaft
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    How do you care for your underside mow deck ?

    POR15 but don't put it on anywhere you don't want permanently covered like bolt threads nuts ect.
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    Hard to start 149

    Check your ground cable where it bolts to frame and to generator.
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    Parts for sale listed Feb. 20 20 is sold. Thanks

    Parts listed Feb. 20 for sale has been sold. Thanks.
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    New creeper and mule drive for sale

    Price drop on this add. Made mistake pricing. Now 300 + shipping.
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    How Cold Is IT?

    Yesterday was tornado weather here in Tennessee. It was 70 degrees and 50 mph winds. Calm and 43 this A m
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    New creeper and mule drive for sale

    Creeper 393395 comes with gear, handle extension wit knob, gasket, breather and bolts. Mule drive is for 82 series and never been used. Has some minor surface rust. Sorry no pictures. Located in Jamestown Tenn...
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    128 441 U-111 Deck Blades

    I got some and a speed up pulley from cub cadet specialties for my 44A deck 2 years ago.
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    Cub Cadet/MTD largest Tractor 7532 fuel delivery problems

    Marvel mystery oil about 2 ounces per gallon of fuel has kept my diesel bacteria free for 8 years now. I use it in all my small engines and tractors..
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    Archive through September 08, 2019

    Mike I had that problem on my 169. My points were set on 20. I static timed it and checked the points and they were on 16. It starts ass it should now.
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    Archive through September 01, 2019

    Jim spray the throttle shaft with carb cleaner or WD 40 If it stumbles it is leaking around the shaft.
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    How Cold Is IT?

    I love to sit on my carport so I ordered some Bifen and spray around the perimeter once weekly. Now if a bee fly or mosquito comes in they go back out. Don't think it is dangerous to use. Spinosad is the key ingredient. I think that is what they spray for termites with. Correct me if I am wrong.