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  1. J

    Missing part from 1650 tube assembly

    Just recently purchased a 1650. Finally got the thing running and discovered that the Cam follower and lock nut are both missing from the tube assembly. They are both located on the steering lever which attaches to the steering assembly. The cam follower is used to eliminate backlash. Hope...
  2. J

    Cub cadet model #2 rotor tiller

    Does anyone have a manual for the set-up and installation of the Model #2 rotor tiller. Any one out there know of where I can get this manual? Jim
  3. J

    Cranky K341

    Just bought a cub 1560 and now having a tough time starting the beast. I've checked everything. Compression is 90-100 add oil and jumps to 100-110. Has spark with the H10 plug, gap is correct. The governor appears to be set correctly with the shaft set to the far left and arm set away from...