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    IH Cub Cadet No. 2 Cart

    Here's a No. 2 Cart that's in pretty good shape. Cart is complete with decent fenders and overall nice and straight. Bed seems to be solid. Good for a restortation/refurb project, or just tow it behind your Cub Cadet in it's original clothes. $200 picked up in Woodbury, CT 06798 Contact me...
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    Haban Sickle Bar Mower for IH Cub Cadet

    Haban Sickle Bar Mower Model 402 for IH Cub Cadet. Appears to be for Narrow Frame IH Cub Cadets. PO said it was used on a Model 127. Serial Number tag only notes Model 402. Can't see any suffix letter but pictures in Manual for Model 402A look like it. This Manual is available in the Forum...
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    No. 2 Tiller for sale

    Here's a nice No. 2 Tiller for sale located in Woodbury, CT 06798. Includes the tiller drive v-belt cover that is often missing. $300 CASH
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    Where did the link to all the actual manuals go???

    Hey Kraig or Charlie - when I go to the thread for "Manuals" there is no link to all the actual Manuals. Did someone swip it?
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    Wide Frame Rear Lift with or without Tiller Lift Pin

    Wide Frame Rear Lift for sale. Complete except for mounting bolts for lower bracket. $150 plus $40 shipping withOUT the Tiller pin. $175 plus $40 shipping WITH the white Tiller pin (shown in 2nd pic). (You can convert the Tiller pin to use with a Brinly adapter by drilling another cotter pin...
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    Archive through October 04, 2018

    Dan H - welcome to the Forum. Sorry to hear of your theft situation. Hopefully the 2 units will turn up. There are a lot of eagle eye CC guys in southern IL and IN so I really hope your units are found and get returned. Don - ah yes, the ongoing "Great Lift Rod Debate", I believe I...
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    Archive through October 03, 2018

    Craig - Don's post on 10/1 at 3:05 pm said the problem was with his 122. Wayne - as I recall that heated debate we had a few years ago was about the rod used in the manual lift arm of the 1x8/9 series. That one resulted in me agreeing to dis-agree with you. You just mentioned you've seen a...
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    Archive through June 14, 2018

    Steve, David, et al - never actually had a CI end deck myself. I heard tell they really did cut grass well. My unbiased opinion didn't say anything about what I thought of them. I only made a closing comment on one of the IH engineers involved in designing them. Deck seemed well designed and...
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    Archive through March 05, 2018

    Hey Kraig - thanks for finding and posting my very first post. I remember that like it was yesterday. Don't worry about the phone number. I've geen gone from Connecticut now for 16 years.
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    Archive through December 12, 2017

    Larry - yup, looks to be an Olds LS. Kraig and Charlie - I might be scanning these message to quickly but did one of you say that Olds with the 100 in the trunk is ole KENtuckyKens? (I even had to make a slight temporary change in my tag line)
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    Archive through November 17, 2017

    Kirk - that's a nice chain set up and they sure look like they fit good. Happy Blading out there.
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    Archive through September 06, 2017

    Ron S - I wasn't sure it was supposed to jacknife that much. Been to long since I looked at one. Mike F - well the engine is back in and I'm just trying to finish up the muffler and heat shield install. Already put the oil in it. Probably give it a try this weekend and then I'll let you know.
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    Archive through August 01, 2017

    Hey James S - you forgot to thank Scott T for his graphics (er, comics) explanation. Wyatt - thanks for dusting off your hat, and also for mentioning OPEI. I knew when I typed Assoc of Power Equipment Manf, that it wasn't correct, but I didn't have a quick source for that little triangle...
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    Archive through May 17, 2017

    Charlie - <font size="+2">NICE!!!!!!</font> What a snag. Looks like the one in the pic was made in 1995. I see the muffler and carb but do they have the PTO clutches on them as well???? I saw one posted (NOS engine) awhile back the guy claimed was for a IHCC but NO WAY. It had the wrong...
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    Archive through March 17, 2017

    Wayne - that sure sounds like price gouging, but I'm not sure it fits the true definition. Someone has to pay the $1300 and actually buy one. I don't think the Gov't gets involved unless the item is a necessity for living (or something along that line). Companies are free to put any price...
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    Archive through January 11, 2017

    Josh - I don't know about you but I think 4" is nearly perfect to work with a blade, and great to learn with. Guess it does depend on the overall length of run you have to make, but usually won't have to worry about rolling over the top of the blade. Once you start getting to 6" or more than a...
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    Archive through December 30, 2016

    David G - why did you install a "brand new starter"? Did your engine run previously using this new starter?
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    Archive through September 14, 2016

    Matt - no fair!!! You're not a Gear Cruncher (according to your profile). Are you just saying that to get rise out of the Crunchers.
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    Archive through August 22, 2016

    Jason - now you've gone and done it. You not only noticed a difference in the wiring mounting but you also noticed the hood hinge to upper grill housing of my 169 is mounted different than Marty's 128. I have to assume BOTH OF MINE are correct, but I'm gonna have to look tonite. I believe...
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    Archive through July 27, 2016

    John - you may have broke this thing. It's just you and me so far today. I know it's not election day so I don't know where everyone else is. I'm quite certain the Kohler K Series "AQS" version (i.e. Model K321AQS) came out before the Quiet Line by IH. I feed certain Kohler and IH...