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  1. J

    homemade cart

    To much time on my hands!
  2. J

    Light Switch

    Wanted light switch for 782d
  3. J

    782d battery

    Just bought 782d and I was wondering what is the bigest battery you can put onder the hood it seems like the box is to narrow for car battery. Any suggestions?
  4. J

    Plowing in Iowa falls

    Thank you Jim for being a great host for this event the dirt plowed nicely even though there was a small turnout all green except my Cub. He said he wants to have a plow day next year in October let' give some support to it next year.
  5. J

    2019 Iowa Falls plow days

    Is the Iowa Falls plow day still on Saturday?
  6. J

    Brinly plows

    2 brinly 10 inch sleeve hitch plows 150.00 Each