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    Parts for sale listed Feb. 20 20 is sold. Thanks

    Parts listed Feb. 20 for sale has been sold. Thanks.
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    New creeper and mule drive for sale

    Creeper 393395 comes with gear, handle extension wit knob, gasket, breather and bolts. Mule drive is for 82 series and never been used. Has some minor surface rust. Sorry no pictures. Located in Jamestown Tenn...
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    Archive through April 21, 2018

    Pat you probably have a head gasket blown. A new gasket and remove the carbon buildup and check the head to see if it is warped and you should be good to go.
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    Archive through June 12, 2014

    Jeremiah I got the 105 governor replaced. Also done a light rebuild while I was at it. Runs strong now with no apparent problems.
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    1170 not mowing level in turns

    My sons 1170 mowes perfect except when making a turn. I have checked tire pressure,leveling cables and everything I know to check. Has anyone had experience with this? Advice would be appreciated. TIA.
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    Archive through April 12, 2014

    Richard the belt should be IH 549250 R1 7/8x1437/8
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    Archive through February 14, 2014

    Bill J. I use my cubs for everything from plowing to mowing. As A all around tire for the tractors I would go with the 850s.
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    Archive through February 13, 2014

    Looking at the weather maps I am feeling pretty lucky. We have had -13 to +63 this January and Feb. 1 to 3 inch snows. But nothing like some southern states have had. Ga., Alabama and the Carolinas are getting blasted with ice and snow. The cub cadets are resting at the barn.
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    Archive through July 17, 2013

    Jeremiah would it not be simpler to cut the nipple off the muffler, then weld a straight exhaust nipple on to fit the adapter on the engine? Just my 02c
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    Archive through February 05, 2013

    Don Tanner After you make sure your condenser is grounded good you can remove the plug, lay it on top of the engine with plug wire connected.With points open turn key on and short asross points with screwdriver and the plug will fire. If you have weak spark there, remove wire from plug, put plug...
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    Archive through July 20, 2012

    Well in the last two weeks gas has went from 3.44 to 3.17 to 2.92 to 3.19 to 3.14. Today it is 3.17. Totally confusing.
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    Archive through November 08, 2010

    Anthony i ran into this on my 147. You probally need to repair adjust or replace the voltage regulator. You will find instructions for this in the service manual.
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    Archive through August 23, 2009

    I guess i need to do that again. Also i found more info. 14 hp short block #117112C92 (47 522 29) Applies to engine spec. numbers 530456R91,545450R91 (60166), 60304C91(60226) Now for the pictures. Hope this makes sense.
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    Archive through December 24, 2008

    Merry Christmas everyone. Thanks for all the help and information on the forum. This is the only Tractor i had that started without help when it was zero degrees outside.
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    Archive through October 28, 2008

    Just down the road from me gas is 1.98 per gallon. It is 32 degrees and snowing here and the trees are still green.
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    Archive through January 17, 2008

    Henri; Will try that if I don't get caught. I know all about the red line. It is a expensive line to cross.
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    Archive through December 05, 2007

    Tom that 100 is looking good. Like the tires. Lonny are you sure you have a fuel problem? I would check the condenser and coil. My 147 done the same thing and it finaly melted the wire on the condenser. So i found the problem. Just my 2c. Luther
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    Archive through November 16, 2007

    Charlie; The swan is A hod ornament sold by Western Auto stores in the 50s and 60s in the mud flap, fender skirt days. Luther
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    Archive through October 25, 2007

    Ryan D. Try the parts look up above. It has all that info.