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    Tires/Dash tin 1450/arm rests

    If you click on the small envelope near the upper right of your screen, I believe that will bring you to your PMs.
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    Tires/Dash tin 1450/arm rests

    Skip, I have an interest in the tires. I can send you a PM. Will
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    Archive through June 27, 2014

    Hello, Can anyone explain why the suction tube on the earlier hydros loops up over the hydro unit as opposed to simply making a right angle like later tubes and replacement tubes? Thanks
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    Archive through October 05, 2011

    Looking for a good set of 6-12 turf tires.
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    Archive through May 02, 2011

    Kraig, Thanks for the information and the pics. Very helpful. I've been working on restoring the CCO on and off for a couple of years. I'm getting close to painting it and discovered I have a little more work to do to make the fenders work. Hope to have it done this summer!
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    Archive through April 29, 2011

    Hey guys, I have a 1961 CCO equipped with the rear PTO. I'd like to add fenders to the tractor, but the PTO lever interferes with the center platform of the fenders. Does anyone know if IH made retrofit kit for the PTO lever to addrress this? Or maybe they made a different center platform...