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  1. J

    125 timing story

    I Quit!!!! :bash:
  2. J

    125 timing story

  3. J

    125 timing story

    This is interesting information, but it would be more important to know if the T mark lines up with TDC.
  4. J

    125 timing story

    Well, that is a pretty good indication that the ACR (Automatic Compression Release) is working properly, but it doesn't tell you anything about timing. The s is for spark, t is for TDC. Spark should occur before TDC. Removing the head will verify whether the timing is correct without taking the...
  5. J

    Anyone going to the tractor show in Refrew. Butler Pa.
  6. J

    What are the chances of finding these

    My local tire store changes them on a machine for $5 each
  7. J

    Geezers! Garage!

    Jstich Jerry Stich
  8. J

    1782 diesel

    Amazon search "Kubota Engine Parts" finds over 7000 matches. What more could you possibly need?:drool2:
  9. J

    Winterization ?

    Put a battery tender on the battery. Start it once a month, let it run for 10 minutes and it will be ready to go all winter without any other prep.
  10. J

    Work begins on 104

    Harness??? You only need 3 wires for a test run. Battery ground to engine block, 12 volt to coil positive, 12 volt battery temporarily to starter to make it crank.
  11. J

    Hydro release lever

    Contacts, buttons, plungers, call them whatever you like. Does it make sense how the lever makes the valves release? Might be a very good time to get the pressure washer in there and remove 50 years of accumulated dirt grease and crud. Hydro units will last much longer if kept cooler. :roflol:
  12. J

    Hydro release lever

    The "contacts" are not contacts. They are release "buttons" for the relief valves in the hydro. The lever should have a metal tab attached that pushes the buttons down to allow the tractor to move by pushing, without damaging the hydro. If either of the buttons stick in the down position the...
  13. J

    Bagger has too much “blow by”

    Have you considered just running over the leaves a second time?:drool2:
  14. J


    E Z Slide lasts 3 years???? You're not mowing enough grass.:roflol:
  15. J


    E Z Slide lasts about 5 minutes inside a mower deck, Bedliner spray lasts all season. :)
  16. J

    Sand or soda blasting

    I use Walnut shells in my blast cabinet and it works very slowly, but does not remove any metal, and is not very effective with heavy paint or rust. It works very well for cleaning soft metals.
  17. J

    582 DEAD. Cannot get starter to turn.

    You're on a roll now, but before ordering the new solenoid, I would suggest jumping to the big terminal that goes to the starter to be sure that the starter is good (sparks will probably fly). If the starter doesn't run, you've either got a bad starter or a bad battery ground (or battery).
  18. J

    Questions about M18 flywheel removal to repair charging.

    Yes you do need to remove the engine to get to the flywheel and stator. But BEFORE you do that download this manual. Go to section 8 page 8.9 This chart will tell you how to diagnose the charging system. Probably the most...
  19. J

    K-301 Exhaust valve tolerances

    Download the manual here: It will tell you everything you need to know and much more. :roflol:
  20. J

    cub cadet rototiller gearbox 1450 side panels

    If Robert is "banned" why do we still see his posts?:drool2: