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    Power steering cylinder rebuild

    Is anyone out there aware of a place that will rebuild a power steering cylinder for a 1872? Has anyone found an after market alternative cylinder? Thanks
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    Hydro Trunion Repair

    I am going to try my first Trunion Repair. I have read the FAQ and I have the suggested key stock. My question is, can simply weld the key stock to the existing structure? It will then become thicker and a bit ugly but will it work correctly? The sides will then have a different position...
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    Trunion Repair

    If I get the Trunion Repair Kit from Extreme Mototworks do I have to cut my old piece off and weld on a new one or can I attach to old one on top of the new one? Thanks
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    Transmission speed change

    I have a 1872 hydro that is flakey in terms of ground speed. Sometime when going up hill I have to advance the speed control lever (or the ground speed slows significantly even stalls). Sometimes on level gound or a slight down hill it takes off on me and I need to move the lever toward...
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    Archive through July 01, 2014

    I am looking for a tiller that will fit a 1811. Raleigh NC area or Southeast Ohio would be great. Somewhere in between would also work. Email is in my profile. Thanks
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    580 PTO wiring

    I have a 580 (yep yellow and white - like a 582 special). The wiring had been played with extensively before I got it. The PTO switch is not working correctly. When I pull out on the toggle and lift the switch into the uppermost position the PTO engages. When I release the toggle and the switch...
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    Carb on an 580 or 582

    I am missing linkages and springs on the carb and governor for a CC 580. It's a 16 horse two cylinder Briggs. The engine is the same for a 580 and 582. Could someone who has one please take some close up pictures for me so that I can try and figure them out. I can buy one link (part number...
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    What color of white paint for a 1282

    I have started to paint my 1282 and I am questioning the white paint color. Can someone please tell me what color white I should use? I have IH2150 for the red. Based upon what I have read I believe that is correct. I am also interested in comments regarding the correct red paint. Thank you.
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    Should I paint the hydro pump

    I am repainting my 1282. I notice that the hydro pump is not painted. I am not sure if that is because it has been replaced. I read somewhere that the fins on the motor block should not be painted because it restricts cooling. Is it OK to paint the hydro pump? I would like to hear from the...
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    Should I clear use a clear coat

    I am getting ready to repaint my 1282 (is a red one). Do you guys recommend the use of a clear coat? If so, what do you recommend and how many coats? Thanks.
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    1282 Oil leak in rear end

    My 1282 has an oil leak in the rear end. It appears to be mostly at the rear plate (above the hitch bracket). That gasket appears to be easy enough to replace. I am also considering replacing the axle housing gaskets. It is hard for me to tell what I am getting into there. Is this easily...
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    1282 Paint

    I am getting ready to paint my 1282. The transmission, front axle and rear axle. Are currently pained black. I believe it to be original. Can someone please help me on the correct color. I am finding pics both ways. Also, where is the best place to look for decals?
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    1282 with 12HP Koller - Engine knocking

    Last week I bought a 1282. I am a missed place farm boy so I liked the red. I grew up on a Super M and 560D. Anyway the motor knocks some, sometime it's not to bad, but other times it's pretty noticeable. Also it seems like it vibrates a good deal. Any ideas as to the problem? Is it time...