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  1. bkattner

    Mystery Lift Bar and...

    The lift bar looks similar to the 582 bar I'm using on my 1050.
  2. bkattner


    If that was near me I'd probably go get it. Appears to be in pretty good shape.
  3. bkattner

    Value of a 2001 40th Anniversary 3240

    If it looks as nice in person as it does in the pictures I'd consider that more a collector piece and would try to find a collector to purchase it. That looks really good. Wish I was closer and had the room, I'd take it. Also for reference, last year in southern Wisco there was another nice...
  4. bkattner

    Seats !

    I just got one of Charlie's seats this week and it is awesome.
  5. bkattner

    Followed me home Sunday

    I can use a few pieces off of that when you do part it. Got a 3204 here that needs a little love.
  6. bkattner

    1882 value?

    That's not an 1882 with that engine, that last picture is a Command. It's the wrong picture or it's a 2084. The Command engine is preferable.
  7. bkattner

    IH Trucks

    What year is that Charlie? I didn't know IH had stepside beds on their later trucks.
  8. bkattner

    QA-42A - blew up the input gear today

    I've got a combo of bearing grease and 80w-90 in mine, so far so good. Running like that for a few years.
  9. bkattner

    QA-42A - blew up the input gear today

    Why do you think the gear failed? Did a stone jam the auger? Seems odd that it would break on its own. I need to give mine some love but I've been needing it the last couple days.
  10. bkattner

    Starter engagement issues

    Here's something maybe outside the box, but are the starter mounting castings both intact? I had a KT17 that broke one of them. Crank bearings intact? I have a KT17 here that was running that I can wiggle the crank up and down, quite a bit, but probably not enough to give the issue you have...
  11. bkattner

    IH CC 782 Conversion to U-Joint Drive Shaft

    Can we see pics of the new driveshaft? Sounds like an interesting setup.
  12. bkattner

    582 DEAD. Cannot get starter to turn.

    I'd jump the starter solenoid and see if it can turn over the engine, then if that checks out I'd start going through the starter circuit/safety switches.
  13. bkattner

    Picled up a 1050. Today.

    Cubs4lifeofme- does your 1050 have lights?
  14. bkattner

    Tonights purchase

    The one with the best condition engine and deck The hydros are more convenient to mow with 1812 has more horsepower
  15. bkattner

    Picled up a 1050. Today.

    I've got a 1050 with a 38". It's the 3 blade deck, the 2 little ones and the large center one. It's a 3 speed gear drive. IDK who the trans manufacturer isn't the 1100/482/582s etc trans. They are nice tractors. I added a spring assist and creeper from a parts 1200 to mine.
  16. bkattner

    Picled up a 1050. Today.

    Yours has an hourmeter? My 1050 doesn't have any gauges. No clue on hours but it runs pretty nice and probably my best looking machine.
  17. bkattner

    Cub Super w/ 60" mower

    Sorry guys didn't realize I put it up in the wrong section. Thanks for moving it.
  18. bkattner

    Cub Super w/ 60" mower

    Looking for a Cub Super with a 60" mower in working condition. I'm located in north east Illinois. Thanks
  19. bkattner

    1811 slung a rod

    I have about that much in my Command swap, but the engine I used had 400 hours on it. What is the availability of repair parts for the imported engines? Crank seals? Carb kits? It still has to be adapted to the tractor too.
  20. bkattner

    1811 slung a rod

    I went with an 18hp Command from I think a 2185 (it's what was available at the time). Would you do a Magnum swap on your own if you found a good used one? The Command isn't much harder. Make a driveshaft, locate the engine on the plate, wire & fuel it and figure out an exhaust and it's...