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  1. jbland

    1864 ch18 removal

    what is the best way to remove this ch18 engine from the tractor?
  2. jbland

    Heads gasket replace, 1864

    I need to replace head gaskets on a ch18 on a 1864, does the engine need to be removed?
  3. jbland

    2082 engine replace

    wondering if the magnum 20hp can be replaced with a command 20hp without a lot of problems or need to buy additional parts?
  4. jbland

    CH18S replacement engine off a 1864

    I am looking to replace this engine with a new one, but I cannot find what a new part number is for a replacement engine? Or does anyone have any suggestions for any re-power engine?
  5. jbland

    kohler CH18S-62509

    anyone know where I could buy a new engine or a good used one?
  6. jbland

    GT54 324 (190-324-100) mower deck spindle bearing replacing

    looking for info on how to preload the tapered bearings?
  7. jbland

    1864 head gasket replace

    has anyone replaced a head gasket on a ch18 withe the engine still on the tractor or does the engine need to be removed?
  8. jbland

    1864 mulching blades

    I bought this tractor used and was told that it has special blades on it, the deck is a GT 54, I took the deck off to sharpen the blades and it does not have 3 blades, it has 4 shorter blades per spindle that spin, I would like to get 12 new blades but nobody can tell me what or where I can buy...