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  1. bkattner

    Cub Super w/ 60" mower

    Looking for a Cub Super with a 60" mower in working condition. I'm located in north east Illinois. Thanks
  2. bkattner

    Aluminum Creeper Gear

    So, last fall I picked up a nice 1050gt, and my local dealer had a scrapped 1806 outside. I pulled the creeper & tunnel cover, and installed them in the 1050. Problem I'm having is when shifted to the low side my lever is against the cover,and it ends up slipping out of gear. The detent feels...
  3. bkattner

    Archive through January 08, 2015

    Don- I have a smaller pulley and I believe it is a 34" belt! (5L340W) My Napa had numerous lengths in stock- I have the OEM IH and I want to say it is about 2" longer? I can't recall now. The Napa belt was about $17 if I remember.