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  1. vthomley

    Mini 1466 clone

    5 days away from a plow day and I still have some major things to do, and some issues. Anyone know where I put the link for the internal brake, the link from the clutch/brake pedal to the trans. Seems I remember I need to modify it but I have to find it first, guess this is what happens with...
  2. vthomley

    Mini 1466 clone

    Wow IHinIN, do you have details on the hood? Looks like I need to repaint my rims, n more. I am thinking my 2nd 128 will be the Mini 1466 in time, this current one will now stay close to the color it is. Meaning sometime in the next 4 years or so
  3. vthomley

    Mini 1466 clone

    Might have to change the name of this to Mini 1066 special or something.
  4. vthomley

    Mini 1466 clone

    Here is an update. The hood, dash, Fenders, and seat frame are just setting on it. The 128 dash is in horrible shape, I need to find another. There's more little issues than I planned but it'll get done at some point. Hopefully this coming Saturday I will turn the key and see if it starts...
  5. vthomley

    Mini 1466 clone

    I drew them up and had a guy cut them, turned out much better than I had planned
  6. vthomley

    Mini 1466 clone

    Overall height before mounting on the Cub were right at 27" - although I never checked the air pressure. I had the local Goodyear guy mount them for me for $15. I'd guess the air pressure would be approx 15psi Do I put fluid inside them? I think I'll just stack a few weights on these. Here...
  7. vthomley

    Mini 1466 clone

    Couple more pics. If my regular job and my Pro Shop were a bit less busy I’d have this done. I’m hoping to drive this Easter weekend. The 10.5-23x12 ags are a bit short compared to the new Ags
  8. vthomley

    Mini 1466 clone

    Duals and 4wd !!! That'd be rather awesome!
  9. vthomley

    Mini 1466 clone

    These dualed up would look rather awesome! they'd bring some traction to the ground
  10. vthomley

    Mini 1466 clone

    I got 26" tall on this tire. The one pic is by a 23x10.50-12 turf
  11. vthomley

    Mini 1466 clone

    Thanks Steve, I definitely like the idea of an internal brake and faster 2nd. The 122 in my profile moves right along in 2nd. I tried to mount one of these tires today and failed, seems these 6 ply tires are rather tough. Think I need to go to my friends tires shop.
  12. vthomley

    Rims for 10.5 tires

    Anyone near western Wisconsin have a pair of rims for 10.5" Thanks,
  13. vthomley

    Mini 1466 clone

    We had the Goodyear Dyna Torques on a Hesston 880-DT, we found them to possibly be a little slippery side to side while holding a load back on a hill but this might be due to the front or 4 wheel drive holding back compared to all our other 2 wheel drive tractors. I might be able to use the...
  14. vthomley

    Mini 1466 clone

    My slow plan to turn my 128 into a mini 1466 got a traction boost today I acquired a 128 in 2017. I installed a internal brake rear trans with a 19 tooth 2nd gear but with today’s tire arrival I’m thinking the 17 tooth trans will be fine. I have a K321 14hp from a 1450 to use, I bought a...
  15. vthomley

    k321 in 1450

    Can I use a Kohler 26 carb on a K321 from a 1450? Seems I remember some 14hp motors have the 26 others have 30
  16. vthomley

    Frame differences

    I have a 128 that needs a new frame. What is the difference between it and a 1450 frame? I have a 1450 frame. I know the motor mount bushings, rails, etc, but if I got solid mounts could I build it into a 128?
  17. vthomley

    New to the forum

    Welcome to the best Cub Cadet forum. we love pics
  18. vthomley

    582 plow tractor

    These look like Goodyear Dyna Torque tires. Thanks for the pics, they look awesome! What is the overall height for these? Are they indeed 27" tall?
  19. vthomley

    Those &%$*! Roll Pins

    Spiral pins are what they are, they work well, they are a pain to remove. Much better than them removing themselves. Because this would only happen while blowing snow on the coldest day in January, and it would happen while turning around at the furthest point away from your garage. I have no...
  20. vthomley

    Rear tires 23/10:50-12

    Miller Tire - enough said.