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  1. zkoester

    70 spring maintenance

    Morning everyone! It's been awhile since I've posted on here. Figured I should post some of the work on my 70. I restored this 70 when I was like now being 31 I now think to myself while working on it... "What was I thinking?" Lol. My creeper drive has always leaked, and recently my...
  2. zkoester

    7hp kohler air cleaner cover

    I have for sale a kohler k161 7hp air cleaner cover. Has been sandblasted and outside has been primed. Very small pitting,and one very little dink on the face of the cover. $25.00 can ship at extra cost. Lima, ohio
  3. zkoester

    Narrow frame sleeve hitch sale or trade

    I have a narrow frame sleeve hitch that I had on my 100. Pictures attached it has the hitch, arm, lower bracket and the peg that mounts on the lifting handle. Cash price is $145 obo but I would also trade it straight up for a WIDE frame sleeve hitch for my dad's 1200. Location is 45807 and I can...
  4. zkoester

    Kohler generator L654

    I have a used kohler generator L654 I'm selling. This is a marine model. Can be used for parts or get it running. I have not had it running. All the wiring looks good. Parts are not cheap on these! $275 obo. Local pick up only lima ohio
  5. zkoester

    Kohler generator regulator

    I have an older kohler generator L654. I'm looking for a voltage regulator for. Part number 233833. Any parts also on these older kohler power plants would be nice! It's a 7.5w machine
  6. zkoester

    Hydraulic lift

    I purchased a hydraulic lift for my 70, I have everything from cylinder to new lift handle and have the manuals on how to install it and drill hole locations, my question is how powerful is the pump? Can it lift a one bottom plow or my grader blade with no issues? I use my sleeve hitch a lot and...
  7. zkoester

    IH cub cadet wind breaker

    I have a nice used IH cub cadet wind breaker. Does have a few tears and has been modified a little. This was originally for a model before the one pictured, but can be modified to work on many tractors, IH or not. This one was on a wide frame cub cadet like pictured but could work on a narrow...
  8. zkoester

    Cub lo boy gas tank

    Looking for a lo boy gas tank off a 154 like the picture. Closer to lima ohio the better for delivery
  9. zkoester

    Danco loader pump on narrow frame

    Good afternoon all! No this isn't my first time on this site, I had to make a new one so I'm no stranger! I've looked in a lot of different forms and on the Internet to try to find a picture of the underside of my hydraulic pump on my loader on my 70. I'm having trouble with my pulley and idk...