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    cub cadet 3240 special

    Someone gave me a John Deere LT160. It has a button you can push before you back up that keeps the blades moving.
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    cub cadet 3240 special

    Probably no one will tell how to disable a safety feature in a public forum.
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    1282 engine problems

    Yep. Looks like the bottom of the tank is below the carb.
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    Mystery Lift Bar and...

    Charlie’s been closed for inventory.
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    Haban Sickle Bar Mower for IH Cub Cadet

    Don’t tell Harry that.
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    Haban Sickle Bar Mower for IH Cub Cadet

    Harry. I see there’s an A stamped in the serial number line. Maybe someone stamped it on the wrong line.
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    Engine spacers on a 1650?

    That’s what I was thinking. Here’s the bottom of a fairly unmolested aluminum pan. Maybe they were to compensate for crushed ISO mounts
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    Northern Tool buys Jacks Small Engines
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    Recoil starter model 72

    I think Lew has (or had) at least one of everything
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    NF hydraulic write up, differences, similarities. applications and parts sources.
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    Rear rototiler

    Take a picture of the rear of your tractor and post it. Then we can tell you for sure.
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    Dave Kirk shoutout

    And a video on the Points Saver itself.
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    Rear rototiler

    Looks like you have the tiller parts. You need a rear lift on the tractor.
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    Dave Kirk shoutout

    Kirk Engines received a shoutout on the lastest “Taryal Fixes All” video on YouTube
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    50C optional gauge wheels - (Trimming Blade)

    Charlie has the brackets and wheels.
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    Rear End Oil

    John Deere’s fluid was Hygard. Don’t know about the formulation compared to Hytran.
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    Just got this 122 today

    September 1966. Get the front axle off the ground. Tilt it to the right. Should be able to see a zerk on the right side of the axle on the back. If it has one.
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    Just got this 122 today

    They went into 67 also.
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    Just got this 122 today

    Need to find the serial number to get a year. 65 or 66.