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  1. vthomley

    Rims for 10.5 tires

    Anyone near western Wisconsin have a pair of rims for 10.5" Thanks,
  2. vthomley

    Mini 1466 clone

    My slow plan to turn my 128 into a mini 1466 got a traction boost today I acquired a 128 in 2017. I installed a internal brake rear trans with a 19 tooth 2nd gear but with today’s tire arrival I’m thinking the 17 tooth trans will be fine. I have a K321 14hp from a 1450 to use, I bought a...
  3. vthomley

    k321 in 1450

    Can I use a Kohler 26 carb on a K321 from a 1450? Seems I remember some 14hp motors have the 26 others have 30
  4. vthomley

    Frame differences

    I have a 128 that needs a new frame. What is the difference between it and a 1450 frame? I have a 1450 frame. I know the motor mount bushings, rails, etc, but if I got solid mounts could I build it into a 128?
  5. vthomley


    Picked up a 1450 this past weekend, it came with a 50” deck and QA42A snowthrower, plus manuals, sales brochures, thousands of dollars of tuneup and repair receipts. I basically got it because I want the 50” mower deck I was told the engine died and the repair guy said don’t fix it because...
  6. vthomley

    Cubs to repair

    10-12 Cub Cadets took a bath Monday morning, I forget how many we have here. After draining the water soaked engine my dads Original started. The 70,72,73,102,123,109,128,149,149,149, and whatever I forgot will be all running again in time. Well the 1 149s engine failed again last week, it’ll...
  7. vthomley

    K321 Laboring hard after warming up

    One of our 149s has an issue, my dad and I have 4 or 5 of these awesome 149s. One has a loader wrapped around it, one is sorta the Tiller 149, one has a 12hp motor, and I think 2 more The 14hp K321 in one has an issue. After warming up for few minutes it starts labor really bad at higher...
  8. vthomley

    149 Hydro Speed lever Removal

    How am I getting Hydro lever off from my dash on this 149? I have the set screw out, I have a pitman arm tool wedged under this, it has not budged yet. I started working on this after owning it for a couple years. I have not worked on my Cub Cadet much in the past several years. Where is...
  9. vthomley

    My 122

    New forum, and my 122 made an appearance after sitting for 2+ years It was a little dirty, needed a carb cleaning and overall cleaning. A friend's kid Muk wanted to try out garden tractor pulling. We got it running by 10am the day of the pull, last Saturday only to have the pull canceled due...
  10. vthomley

    Archive through May 16, 2016

    Yesterday I smoothed off a lane we made at our hunting land and planted a little seed. The 122 performed perfect!
  11. vthomley

    Wisconsin Plow Day April 16, 2016

    Prairie Farm FFA is hosting a Plow day Location: Pioneer Park in Prairie Farm, WI Date: April 16, 2016 More details to follow.
  12. vthomley

    Archive through April 04, 2013

    Troy - Nice collection! I see one thing I'd change - hook the tiller to a Cub with a Hydro lift...but that's just me. Again very nice! Hopefully our snow melts here someday soon and I can get my Cubs outside for a pic.
  13. vthomley


    Here's my new to me 1806. I traded a 123 and 125 for it. I also got a 50" mower deck, a huge snowthrower, and a snow blade.
  14. vthomley

    Archive through October 04, 2012

    I'm Headed to the shed to Bolt it together! I'll try to not scratch the paint...
  15. vthomley

    Arkansaw, Wisconsin Plow Days Oct. 5-6

    Glenn Peterson's hosting This fall's Plow Day in Western Wisconsin!!! Here's the info from Glenn. Will be at the same location as last year, however we will be plowing across the road on some heavier ground. We have been lucky in our area as far as moisture, should be good plowing...
  16. vthomley

    Little Storm Damage

    While we were out of town on Friday July 6th there was a storm that came through. Here's a few pics. My Garage Doors both damaged Siding my north windows Wavy siding on the West Side of my house The west wall at the peak inside my house - there are 2 cracks in the ceiling sheet rock...
  17. vthomley

    Plow Day April 28, 2012 - New Richmond, Wisconsin

    There's another plow day scheduled in Western Wisconsin on April 28, 2012. Approx 3 miles north of New Richmond, WI. This will be a New Richmond FFA Alumni Plow Day. I'll get more details in the coming days. I think this event starts around 10am, there is a fee($10 per Plowing tractor?)...
  18. vthomley


    I was looking for a thread that showed some of our Oops moments, or mistakes. Well here's mine. This Snapper Forest Gump Mower can be stood up on end. I stood it up in the fall of 2010. Yesterday I was talking to a guy who is looking for the plastic belt cover for the deck, I said, ”I...
  19. vthomley

    1996 Chevy K1500 Ext Cab

    I think I'm buying a 96 Chevy K1500 Ext Cab on Saturday. It has a few issues and I'm hoping you the wonderful poeple here can help guide me. I looked at this truck last night at about 8pm - it was dark. I told myself I am NOT buying a vehicle in the dark...I had to remind myself of this a...
  20. vthomley

    10 years ago

    Where were you when th eworld stopped turning....? Sadly I remember is like it was yesterday. Back then I was mowing with a John Deere 314...or 312 I had just driven my kids to the farm on the deadend road before school. We were planning to and did moved there on September 15th 2001. I...