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    Quietline Headlight Panel

    I have a Quietline headlight panel with two bulbs, rubber grommets and IH logo. It also has the wiring to connect the bulbs. I also have the grill nosepiece it mounts in. One bulb doesn't work. I'm not sure what these parts go for so I am basing pricing on what I found online. $50+shipping for...
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    Quietline/Wide Frame Rear Lift

    Rear lift for a Quitline or wide frame tractor. $150 + shipping.
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    Seat Time Finally

    I mowed the lawn at our church yesterday. This time of year we get a few weeks of beautiful weather between rain which means lots of vegetation growth. I mowed it with my 1000 which i brought out here from Illinois. I grew up on this machine. I thought you would appreciate these pictures.
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    Archive through February 15, 2016

    Matt, My tractor had a throwout bearing with a tube bushing behind it. They were two pieces butted up against each other on the shaft. The new design incorporates both pieces in one part. I wouldn’t expect it to function any differently than what I had before other than there isn’t an...
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    Archive through February 14, 2016

    I am rebuilding the clutch on my 1000 and have a question about the throw out bearing. I am looking at a couple of sources for parts. I see two different throw out bearings. The first is shorter bearing P/N IH-391237-R91 or 941-3056...