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    Need a few lift parts

    Need for my 100: Lower u bracket Lift pin for casting Straps that attach to the pin
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    100 Refurbish

    Thought I would post a pic of the 100 I just refinished. Don't look too close! I use rattle cans for paint. Still, a very satisfying hobby. This one has new rings but mostly all original parts (as far as I can tell).
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    Original wanted dead or alive

    All, I've got the itch to restore an Original. Prefer it to run, but, that's not necessary. Rust is expected. Prefer to pick up within a few hours of Northern Virginia. Thanks.
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    Just moved

    I just moved to Virginia from Tennessee (where I was restoring my 100). I decided to ship the tractor with all the parts on, so, I quickly threw it together. I just noticed a mistake tho. .
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    Archive through June 21, 2013

    Sorry, Hope these pics stick:
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    Archive through March 23, 2011

    Gastank 20.00+shipping Seat 20.00 + shipping
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    Archive through March 12, 2008

    Scott: --Tell her wrenching on a Cub provides quality father/son, father/grandson time. . .
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    Archive through October 17, 2003

    Is anyone out there, out there, out there. . .