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  1. mpatterson

    450 Two stage blower

    How much front to back play should there be on the shaft coming from the back gearbox (next to tractor that drive belt goes on) and the gearbox at the front that turns auger? This is the shaft that the fan is bolted to. I replaced the worn out too small bolt that PO had in it. But there is...
  2. mpatterson

    Haban front blade - 982

    Anyone have one of these? I'm curious to see how it attaches at the front and in the centre. I was looking at the manuals section - didn't realize you could angle the blade from the seat!??
  3. mpatterson

    QA-42A - blew up the input gear today

    Well, I made it 3' in nice fluffy snow this morning. Didn't even get the 782 outta the garage door and it stopped. :censored2: :censored2: Backed it inside and opened up the gearbox to find the input side, small 15T gear was in two pieces laying in the greasy mess in the bottom. I see Digger...
  4. mpatterson

    QA42A blower

    Just wondering if Kraig or someone else has a few pictures of the side extenders for the QA42A snow throwers? Was looking at mine the other day on my 782 and noticed that it already has the square cut holes for a carriage bolt, so was thinking of maybe making up a set of side wings or extenders...
  5. mpatterson

    982, repower or fix it options?

    So the Mag 20 in my 982 is acting up again....rear crank seal, starter, and who knows what other issues I will find before I'm done? So if I decide to bail on fixing the Mag, what engine is the best fit? Kohler 640 twin? Kubota?....seriously thinking of going new drop in right now. Starting...
  6. mpatterson

    Update..... Matt Gonitzke Cubs

    Just wondering if you have an update on your 1872 #2 & your 682 loader tractor modifications? Wondering how things are working out, if you have had to change anything or would like to change things you have done to them? Inquiring minds wanna know! :O)
  7. mpatterson

    Electronic Fuel Pumps - KT-17 & Mag 20

    Ok, So what is the REQUIRED PSI for electronic fuel pumps on these engines? I see the one Kirk sells, and the one that Digger sells..... they are different PSI ratings if I understand correctly? What is the range you need for these engines when replacing the original mechanical type pumps...
  8. mpatterson

    Fuel tank shut off - 82 series & dumb question....

    Wondering is there a rebuild kit for the fuel tank shut off valve in the bottom of the 82 series tanks? I haven't been able to find one on the web. Digger - I must be blind cause I can't see one on your website either? Also another dumb question - should you "SEE" a spark on points when it...
  9. mpatterson

    Thunderbird e-mail program ????

    Anyone ever use Thunderbird for their e-mail? I guess Firefox is the one that made it? Was suggested to me as a replacement for my very old Outlook Express e-mail. Any issues with it? I guess its a free service just like G-Mail and those... I am looking for one that I can file my e-mails...
  10. mpatterson

    Governor Gear - Mag 20

    Anyone happen to have a picture of what the gear should look like looking down the fill tube hole? Mine looks to have a pin jammed in between it and the housing??
  11. mpatterson

    IH chrome hub caps

    Working set of chrome hub caps, not meant for the parade. Came on my 782 when I bought it, never had them on it since. Have scratches and dents, stored inside since I received them about 8 years ago. Asking price $200.00 Canadian or $150.00 US, pick up South Mountain, Ontario Canada. Going to...
  12. mpatterson

    1872 Cub Cadet w/cab & blower

    Pictures to follow when it stops with the monsoon we are having this afternoon! Kohler Magnum 18, new carb, plugs, wires, air filter, oil filter Power steering Front hydraulic ports Turf tires all around, good condition, not all rotted out, hold air just fine, backs are loaded with washer fluid...
  13. mpatterson

    Sims Cab Doors

    Have the sheet metal doors and glass from a Sims Cab off a wide frame. Do not have the rubber trim that holds the glass in place anymore, handles, or hinges for it. $100.00 Cdn, pick up South Mountain, Ontario, Canada
  14. mpatterson

    Website time zone

    Just wondering - what the heck time zone is this thing run in? The times are all over the place when you see who posted just after you. Stuff posted not long ago is saying yesterday or this morning.... OMG! ANGIE! Digger!!!
  15. mpatterson

    What stuff is worth ???

    How is the best way to figure out what your Cub stuff is worth? If it's not in for sale sections on forums - how do you guys figure out their values? Check Tractor House or Auction Time, they don't always have past info on stuff to compare either. I know a lot depends on what part of country...
  16. mpatterson

    Kohler Mag 18 - 1872 Tractor

    Having issues with both my Mag 18 & 20 dumping fuel into engine. Have since put Mag 20 on back burner since the governor gear went on it, so a tear down is in order for it! Good Grief! So I ended up replacing the fuel pump on the Mag 18 with the regular mechanical one - brand new from Cub...
  17. mpatterson

    Archive through December 28, 2017

    Marty, I don't think I could buy another narrow frame - I'm too dog on big to work on them! I like the 82 series...if only I could get the engines to stay running great in them!
  18. mpatterson

    Archive through December 08, 2016

    So how do I tell the difference in sub frames Matt? I am guessing that the older IH sub frames will bottom out on the rock shaft better? I kind of wondered about that with this one anyway?? Yes if you can Earl that would be nice so I can verify if I am doing something else wrong. Do...
  19. mpatterson

    Power steering update on 982

    Thinking of putting power steering on my 982. With the blower on it now, makes for little harder steering than expected. Perhaps its the turf tires digging in compared to the tri-ribs on the 782??? Anyway, what other models would I be looking for the power steering off to fit the 982? It is...
  20. mpatterson

    After market PTO clutches

    Just curious what your opinions were of after market clutches. Likes, dislikes, pricing, quality, etc. Anyone ever deal with these guys: https://xtremeope.com/ or seen any of their clutches? They seem to be decent quality from the pictures and video - if you can tell that without physically...