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    Archive through June 13, 2018

    And that"s why they call him, MR. Plow...
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    Archive through October 03, 2017

    That receipt looks like the ones they used in the IH dealership in Richland Ia where I grew up, same size , hole punch. I always remember the Parts man, Earl,The way he leaned around the pole at the counter and wrote the tickets out. One Day stands out, one of those, you always remember...
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    ROCKFORD PLOW DAY April 14th, 2018

    Hey guys this is Caleb Morgan posting through my dads login. I see there was some discussion on the Rockford Plow day so I got in contact with Nick Bruggeman who is hosting the plow day and got some info. The plow day will held at the same location as Travis's use too. Location address...
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    Archive through October 18, 2016

    Yes...like a 5x7...cool..
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    Archive through February 06, 2015

    Now I'm laughing my a$$ off...I was havin a bad day!! U guys r to funny....I love the forum. And my Cubs
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    2013 West Branch Plow Day

    November 2nd.across the road north from last year. Heres a last attempt at the late show of plow days. Dave has lots of ground and we will see if we can make this happen again.Stay tuned
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    Archive through September 26, 2013

    Charlie...is that capitol punishment for outlaw cubs...
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    Possible?? Spring Plow Day West Branch 2013

    Talking with Dave Greasel from over on the green side, Not having as much snow cover [as of now anyway] here in southern Iowa, we talked about maybe trying to take a Saturday if it drys up and it could be a week to a maybe 2 or 3 day notice of,, Hey!! Look here Jack.. Its dry and warm on a...
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    Iowa City / West Branch Plow Day 2012

    Posting this for Dave Greasel from over on the Green side, Dave is putting together another plow day, Date is November 3rd with no rain date, Running late in the year, alot will depend on the weather , location will be east of Iowa City and south of West Branch, plenty off lodging and places to...
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    Archive through August 02, 2011

    Thanks Allen, nope, forgot to check there, my bad!!
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    Archive through July 07, 2011

    Whoops!! did;nt work
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    Archive through September 05, 2010

    Todd, with all that power and torque, looks like it's time for a 7 1/4 dart rear end,
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    Dennis Detweiler

    Dennis passed away April 7. He was 52. He and his father Merlyn and son Ryan are long time Cub Cadeters. Dennis was always tilling, plowing snow or mowing on a Cub. This picture of D is on his diesel puller. He leaves behind 2 grand kids his family and many friends. He will be forever missed and...