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    Those &%$*! Roll Pins

    I just need to vent about how INCREDIBLY much I hate roll pins! It seems like every time I encounter one, from the steering column on my '70 Charger to the...well...seemingly EVERYTHING on my Cub Cadet 104, they are firmly stuck in place, necessitating the use of the old "drill and tap" removal...
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    Perhaps An Experiment Is In Order

    So, while disassembling the 104 for restoration today, I took off the rear panel and saw that, right there where the panel had sat against the differential cover, the original paint was pristine in my unrestored cub. This gave me an idea. There is a lot of back and forth on this site about...
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    Progress Pics Disassembly

    Hi All Thought I'd post some progress pics. Disassembly is proceeding at a rapid pace (well, as rapid as it can be considering all the other stuff I have going on in my life. All I have left is removal of the linkages and the driveshaft and transmission. Then all the sheetmetal will get...
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    Thread size/pitch.

    Hi All I just pulled the steering wheel off my cub 104. That was an ordeal because shaft and wheel were rusted together pretty solid. It took a bearing splitter, a wheel puller, a hammer, and about a gallon of PB Blaster. In any case, to make a long story short...my efforts resulted in...
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    Hello Everyone. New Member Here.

    Hi Everyone. I recently bought my first "classic." A 68 Cub 104. I have ZERO experience with anything tractor related (though I've wrenched on a few old cars). While I've always thought tractors were really cool, I'm a city boy, so the closest thing I've ever come is a Husqvarna riding...