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    149 hydro Problem

    I recently picked up a 149. The hydro lever drifted to full speed without keeping your hand on it. Halfway through mowing the lawn it stopped. No deck lift, no forward or reverse. Where should I start looking for the problem? I am totally new to hydro
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    Installing Nelson Noise Reduction Muffler on a 128

    Hey guys, I recently bought the noise reduction muffler for my 128. It seems as though it will be hard to fit under the hood. Does anyone know how this muffler was designed to be installed? Thanks guys
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    New 128 owner in Lancaster Pa

    Hi guys, (or gals) I have been using this site for 2 months, reading and searching for answers to questions. I finally wanted to say hello my name is Mark and I bought a 128 (sort of). I recently bought a house on 2 acres and only had a walk behind mower. After pondering and searching the...