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  1. snicklas

    A two-fer Look What Followed Me Home...

    I mentioned this in another thread a little bit ago, but earlier this year, I added 2 machines to the fleet. The one that I posted the Serial Number tag from, that I mentioned, to me at least, it’s a bit special. It’s a 1979 1650. Last model year for the Quietline, and a One-Owner before I...
  2. snicklas

    Wide Frame Blade Information

    @Johnnyboy Here is a picture I have quick access too.. This is my Twin-Stick 1450 with a 42” blade installed. If you look, there are 3 pieces needed to install the blade. 1 - The Blade itself, which is the pushing blade, and the “box” extending back toward the tractor. If you look close...
  3. snicklas

    Hydraulic Angle Blade question.

    I have a 42” IH Hydraulic Angle Blade. It’s a later blade with the large IH man on the tractor logo only, not the one that has the IH and International Harvester, so I believe it was purchased already assembled as a power angle blade. This blade came as part of a package deal (one of the main...
  4. snicklas

    Agri-Fab 175 Pound 42" Drop Spreader

    Picked this up yesterday at out local Habitat for Humanity ReStore. They have a bit of everything for you homestead. From house stuff, to windows, landscaping items, etc. Drove through their outside area and this, caught my attention. Walked over and looked at it, looked like...
  5. snicklas

    Archive through October 09, 2016

    Earl, Yes, the top casting for the rear will fit. I actually have a Red rockshaft on my 1450 that I took off a CCC Red 782 that has a blown KT17. However, you will need a wideframe lift bar, that goes from the lift arm where the cylinder is, to the rockshaft. You will also need the...
  6. snicklas

    Archive through July 21, 2016

    Harry, We had a 124 in the past, and they also have the twisted, small clutch/brake pedal. I have a 127 (actually the only narrow frame in the fleet) and it has the larger, rubber padded clutch/brake pedal. It was the 1x6/7 series that first received the larger pedal and rubber pad...
  7. snicklas

    Now I have seen everything!!!!

    I was poking around on youtube today and this video popped up. This is an advertisement for a REAL PRODUCT. I was laughing so hard tears were running down my face. The only redeeming thing I can see is the fella has HEAT!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sa9ajoQCi_U
  8. snicklas

    Archive through January 26, 2015

    Doug, Three really nice pieces of equipment there (looks like you have a Quietline hiding in the shed). The Cubs will push a lot for their size. Like I posted earlier with snow, if it is less than hood high, and you get a good Ramming Speed going if it is less than hood deep, you can still...
  9. snicklas

    Archive through January 22, 2015

    Steve, That is the truth. This is my first season with a hydro angle blade. That thing ROCKS!!!!!! For the last 30+ years I have only had the hydro lift, so yep, on, off, on, off, on, off....... This year, I got out of the seat once, that was when I got on the 1650 to play .... umm ...
  10. snicklas

    Archive through November 19, 2013

    Frank..... Yep, not surprised. The power a tornado has is amazing. The metal pole barn that was destroyed across the street from Mom and Dads house left a path of debris 4 or 5 miles long. Some of the things you hear tornados can do is real. Midwest and Great Lakes are storms are...
  11. snicklas

    Ford Pickup Recall Notice!!!!!

    FYI To all on the board, as I know there are several members that have Ford Pickups. Recall notice: Vehicle Make / Model: Model Year(s): FORD / F-150 1997-2004 FORD / F-250 1997-1999 LINCOLN / BLACKWOOD 2002-2003 Manufacturer: FORD MOTOR COMPANY Mfr's Report Date: JUL 29, 2011 NHTSA...
  12. snicklas

    Archive through September 23, 2009

    Cletus N, I am not sure what it is, but on our 4 machines (All wideframes, 2 149's a 1450 and a 782) they all seem to lean to the left. We noticed they were all that way when we got them together for a family photo.....
  13. snicklas

    Archive through May 06, 2009

    Charlie, Is that "embarassed" 1450 one that you have floating around, or did you run across those pictures somewhere? It doesn't even look to be IH Red. I have seen a 149 in IH White and IH Red instead of Federal Yellow and it was really sharp.... Unfortunatly I can't say the same for the 1450.
  14. snicklas

    Archive through April 23, 2009

    What is Celibacy? Celibacy can be a choice in life, or a condition imposed by circumstances. While attending a Marriage Weekend, Walter and his wife, Ann, listened to the instructor declare: "It is essential that husbands and wives know the things that are important to each other."...